Top Ten Tips for Successful Catering in Addison, IL

There are dozens of opportunities and special events hosted by individuals and other businesses that will require excellent service from experienced catering businesses. Likewise, there will be plenty of competition for those catering opportunities, so a good catering business needs to be able to demonstrate why a client should choose them for their next event.

At Corky’s Catering, our clients are always thoroughly satisfied with the service they receive from our staff. We offer more than one service style to ensure that we meet the needs of as many customers as we can, and each menu item is made with fresh produce and ingredients to make sure all of our dishes are exceptional. To be a good caterer, you must invest time, energy, and money into your business from the first event to your last.

Why Start a Catering Business?

Most individuals who decide to start a catering business love to provide great food for guests. Knowing that the food and beverages you have made and provided for an event have put smiles on the faces of the guests in attendance is a reward in itself.

However, dreaming of helping clients choose the right menu for their event is not going to actually establish your catering business. Like any other kind of company, it takes time, research, experience, and energy to get your business up and running. From your signature dish to running the bar, you need to be well-versed in as many aspects of the catering industry as possible before you establish your business.

Tips for Running a Top-Notch Catering Company

If you are considering a career in a catering business, here are some of the best catering tips to help you save money, gain success, and convince clients you are the right company for their events.

Get Experience to See What a Successful Catering Event Looks Like

Before you can establish your own catering business, it is best to get some experience in the industry. Start as a server to get the full catering experience and see how many minor details need to be worked out before the event happens.

Have a sit-down conversation with the catering manager to discuss the menu planning, see the venue, learn how to prepare for any possible issue, and ask for catering tips.

Have Classic and Unique Options on Your Catering Menu

When an individual or business is researching the caterers in the area, they want to see caterers whose menus stand out from the rest. With a mix of classic and unique menu options and serving styles (full service, buffet style, etc.), you are sure to be able to please a wide variety of guests and beat your competition.

Become or Hire an Event Planner to Offer Advice to Your Guests

Many companies and individuals are looking for a full-service caterer who can also help with event planning. Becoming or hiring an event planner will certainly help you keep up with the competition and give you another reason to convince your potential clients that you are the right caterer for their party.

Rent Your Own Professional Kitchen Space for Food Prep

If you are only planning to serve a meal to a very small number of people such as friends or family members, you can cook that meal in your home. However, once you become an established caterer, you need to have a professional kitchen to work out of.

Having the ability to prepare meat, vegetables, side dishes, and desserts simultaneously is the first step in a successfully catered event. You and your team will be able to work like a restaurant rather than a group that simply likes to make food.

Understand How to Run a Business

Although cooking and feedings guests at events may be your passion, you will still need to remember that you are running a business. It is essential that you have a business plan, keep track of profits and expenses, has an accountant, and promote yourself.

Promote Yourself for Special Events

When a caterer is able to find a niche event style, they can really become successful. Whether it is large corporate events or family gatherings for milestones, having a specialty and promoting it widely will bring you success. Talk up your catering menu on social media and work for opportunities to cater events for customers who can recommend you to many others.

Know Your Target Audience and Create Dishes for Them

Many specialty caterers find it challenging to consistently create dishes only for their target audiences, but the more you get to be known for a certain menu item or type of cuisine, the better off you will be with your competition. Specializing in seafood, vegetarian dishes, or cuisine from a certain country can greatly help you in the catering market.

Calculate Your Catering Prices with Respect to Your Expenses

Remember, you need to charge a reasonable price for your catering services. It should be reasonable for those who will invest in your business but also allow you to make a profit. Be sure to calculate your price points based on your profits and losses.

Get on Approved Vendor Lists

Certain venues (especially those used for events like weddings and birthday parties) have an approved vendor list. If you are not on that list, you will not be able to cater an event at those locations. Getting on those lists ensures your name will be available to as many potential customers as possible.

Invest in the Right Insurance

As with any business, you need to have the right insurance and licensing. You will likely be in need of general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, and a variety of others. Discuss your options with an insurance agency and customize your insurance policy.

Contact Us to Discuss Our Catering Services in Addison, IL

If you are an individual looking to become a caterer in Addison, IL, be sure to focus on the food and your customers while also remembering that you will be operating a business. Contact Corky’s Catering to learn more about our catering services!

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