How to make your class reunion memorable with the right catering in Chicago IL

What better way to remember and celebrate the end of your high school career than with a class reunion? It’s a chance to share stories, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Reunions are also great places for people who’ve recently graduated from college because they allow them to reconnect with classmates who moved away after graduation or have gone into different careers.

There are many ways to make your class reunion memorable, but hiring the right catering services is one of the best. If you want to host a formal event, look for catering services that offer delicious food at different price points. You might also consider hiring food trucks or catering vans so that you can serve more than one course at once. If your goal is more social than professional, consider hosting a barbecue where everyone can meet up with old friends and family over food and drinks.

Hire are a few ways you can spice up your next family reunion and make fond memories.

Hire a pro.

Hiring a reunion catering company is one of the best ways to ensure your reunion is a success. Whether you’re event planning for a class or family reunion catering party, you’ll want to provide all the details are taken care of. Whether you’re looking for food, drinks, or both, there are some things you can do to help ensure that your class reunion or family reunion catering is memorable for years to come.

Make sure the caterer knows what you want. You’ll want to be clear with them about what kind of food you want and how many people will be attending your class or family reunions. If they don’t know this information upfront, they won’t be able to plan accordingly and may end up serving something utterly different than what was initially planned. It is also essential for them to observe dietary restrictions to ensure customer satisfaction. Having this conversation beforehand will also give your caterer time to order supplies to have everything on hand when needed.

Go seasonal.

The best way to make your class reunion memorable is by adding fun food options to the menu. If you’re looking for something unique other than typical hot dogs and hamburgers, consider going with a colorful fruit salad or an ice cream sundae bar. These are sure to be big hits for your friends and family gatherings!

Create a memorable experience by using seasonal ingredients and foods that reflect the season. Combining summer produce with fall ingredients will make for an unforgettable dining experience. This means that if you’re having a picnic in the park, then make sure everything on offer is local and seasonal. For example, if you have a barbecue, get some lamb and pork off the menu because they are both available throughout the year – they don’t have any seasonality whatsoever!

Choose food that can be served efficiently and without a mess.

Choose food that can be served efficiently and without a mess. For example, a buffet style of food could work best for you if you want to bring something easy and convenient for your guests.

When planning your class reunion, think about how much space you’ll have available and how many people will attend. If there aren’t enough tables or chairs, consider having them brought in from home; if there are too many, consider using portable tables and chairs instead of ones that need set-up and take down time each time they’re used.

Create a party-themed menu.

When planning a party, you must create a party-themed menu. This will ensure that your guests can enjoy everything they want at the right time of the night. An excellent example is having chicken wings and fries with a dip. This is because it will allow your guests to have something to eat while still at the party and after they leave.

It would be a good idea if you also considered going with a theme when you order food for your class reunion. For example, if you have a “class clown” theme, you might want to get clown-related food items such as balloons or cotton candy. If you have a theme of “class mascot,” then you could get things such as balloons or cotton candy shaped like animal mascots from the past year or even past decades or centuries, depending on what decade you are celebrating in for this event.

Don’t forget the drinks!

Refreshments form a key part of your class reunion party. If you’re doing a bar or restaurant-style event, you’ll need to ensure every guest has something to drink at their table. If they don’t have water bottles or other beverages, they’ll probably be drinking from the bottle of whatever is being served at the buffet table. Water is always recommended for those who don’t want alcohol but want something to wash it down with.

If you’re planning on bringing in caterers for your class reunion party, ensure they provide plenty of bottled water for everyone attending so everyone can stay hydrated throughout the night.

Pull off a fantastic class reunion party with Corky’s Catering service.

Is there a reunion catering near me? When you need to throw a memorable class reunion party, it’s important to choose a caterer that can create a delicious menu that will appeal to your guests. Corky’s reunion catering in Chicago IL understands that your class reunion is a huge event.

We are a full-service catering service company, offering a wide variety of cuisine for your next event. We offer a wide range of themed catering services options for your event, from food to drinks, so you can choose what option fits your budget and needs. Our staff will work with you to make sure everything from food preparation to serving is perfect.

Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your next event, we have the perfect solution! Our services include drop-off catering, mobile catering, personal chef, and reunion catering. Please book our services today, and let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests contact us at or call (630) 523-8676.

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