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Catering Services for Corporate Events in Chicago, IL

Corporate events are one of the most common parts of the business world because they are a great way to connect with your clients and employees. When hosting a corporate event, the clients and employees who attend the event must be well-fed and have a good overall experience. From appetizers to dessert menus and everything in between, we have the greatest selection of foods that will meet the needs of your next event.

As a busy and successful business owner, you are unlikely not to have the time or energy to plan your corporate event. You will need great food options and amenities and excellent customer service. All of these can be found with an exceptional catering company such as ours at Corky’s Catering in Chicago, IL.

Since 1978, we have been providing the business owners of Chicago with the corporate event catering you need for all of your important events. As one of the best catering companies in the Chicago area, we are dedicated to helping you with full event planning, including food, entertainment, and anything else you may need. We want to take the stress out of party planning and event hosting so that you can focus on impressing your clients.

Why Is It Important to Cater a Corporate Event?

Corporate events are important for your business, especially when you want to impress new and returning clients or show appreciation to your employees. No matter the reason for the event, full-service corporate catering is a must. Having the right food for the occasion can help spark imagination, keep the ideas flowing, make sure the focus remains on the task at hand, and demonstrate that your company is committed to the happiness of your clients.

There are various types of corporate events that you may be hosting, and each of them needs to have some food and refreshment to keep the energy up. From corporate lunch catering to special events like a holiday party, the high-quality food and professionalism from a Chicago catering company are sure to be a big hit.

Our Chicago Corporate Catering Services

At Corky’s Catering, we are one of the premier Chicago catering companies, and we are proud to offer gourmet catering and event planning. No matter what type of corporate event you are hosting or the group’s needs, our event planners provide catering services for all kinds of occasions. These full-service catering offerings include:

  • Corporate Lunch Box Catering
  • Corporate Board Meeting Catering
  • Corporate Breakfast Catering
  • Corporate Charity Event Catering
  • Corporate Holiday Catering
  • Corporate Event Catering
  • Corporate Picnics


If your company is looking for an experienced corporate caterer for your special events at the Chicago Cultural Center or even in your own office, contact Corky’s Catering to discuss our full-service catering services. Our experienced team has event coordinators who are well-versed in preparation and planning for private parties, corporate catering, and any other custom event.

Other Corporate Catering Services We Offer

In addition to providing delicious food from custom menus, including party platters, service staff, and a variety of options for dietary needs (such as vegetarian options), we can also offer you other important catering services that you may need for your event. Some of these extras include:

  • DJs for musical entertainment at your event
  • Live bands who can play themed music for special events
  • Carnival games for the events which are family-friendly
  • Dance floors for your next holiday party or charity event
  • Fine china to give even more class to your special occasion
  • Event Rentals for tables, chairs tents, power generators, portable toilets, lighting, dunk tanks, and much more
  • Special event staff such as serving staff, photographers, and other individuals to assist with the catering experience

At Corky’s Catering, we know that corporate parties can sometimes be a bit dull or lacking in imagination, but that does not have to be the case with your event in the Chicagoland area. With our professional staff helping you with event planning and menu planning, we can guarantee that you will impress your clients and show your employees just how much they are appreciated—all while having a great time!

Contact Us for Full-Service Catering Services for Your Next Corporate Event in Chicago, IL

We have been serving businesses throughout the entire Chicagoland area since 1978, and we understand just how important it is to host a successful party or other events. Corporate catering is one of our greatest specialties! Contact Corky’s Catering if you are a business owner looking for a Chicago caterer for an event you are planning and need an amazing selection of unique foods and other menu items.

Whether you are putting together casual cocktail parties or a gala that requires first-class service, our team at Corky’s Catering is here to help. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience in the catering industry to make sure all of your social events are remarkable.

As your corporate caterer for your next office party or another special event, Corky’s Catering is here to ensure that you, your staff, and your customers have a great time with wonderful food. We take pride in the food we provide for your catered event, and we are happy to discuss all of your options.

From box lunches to full bar service and everything in between, our Chicago area caterers can work within your budget and timeline to ensure all of your catering needs are met. We have affordable prices that will be perfect for all budgets.

We all offer wedding catering and other social event catering. For more than 40 years, we have been working diligently to ensure that all the residents and businesses in Chicago have exceptional catering for any events they may be hosting. Contact us today for high-quality catering services for corporate events.


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