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When you are planning a major social event, you will likely have a wide variety of things to consider to ensure an unforgettable event. One of the most important factors at special events is the foodservice. If your event has great food, you can almost guarantee that your guests will be happy and enjoy the experience. However, you will probably not be the one doing the food preparation (you have plenty of other important things to coordinate), so you need to find the best Chicago catering services to handle it all.

At Corky’s Catering in Chicago, IL, our team has provided event catering to individuals and businesses throughout the entire Chicagoland area for over 40 years. From corporate events to elegant weddings, a birthday party to family reunions, and many other special events, we can provide you and your guests a fabulous catering, select rentals, and service options to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable event at affordable prices.

Why Has Your Next Social Event Catered?

There always seem to be a million things to figure out and coordinate when planning and hosting a special event. There is never a shortage of elements to consider, from entertainment to the venues. As we have said, food is a critical component of any special event, so it only makes sense to rely on the experience and expertise of professional catering services to make and deliver the right food for your event.

The social catering services we offer at Corky’s Catering include various options that are sure to please you and all of your guests. We have different menus that you can choose from, and we are happy to explain the difference between buffet, individual packages, box lunches, and a la carte menus to determine the best options for you.

During the event planning process, the professionals at Corky’s Catering can help you coordinate the timing for your next event because we are also specialists in complete event management. Our event coordinators understand the pressures associated with planning a catered event, and we strive to take the stress off you. Even the setup for our catering has 4 options to meet your needs better: pick up, drop off, drop off with setting up, and on-site service staff (full service).

Whether you are planning large corporate parties for the holiday season or private parties for your family’s major celebrations, our Chicago catering event services are available for anything you may need. We proudly serve food that we believe will please various tastes and preferences, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your special events will not soon be forgotten.

When you are beginning to plan your next special event, contact Corky’s Catering to find out about the amazing selection of food and options we offer that will perfectly complement your celebration or special day. We can also provide you with options for your venue, advice on the menu choices, and even recommendations as you choose décor for your next party.

Social Events We Cater

At Corky’s Catering, we believe that every celebration deserves to have the very best catering available, no matter the occasion. Among the most popular types of parties that we cater in Chicago, IL, include:

If you do not see your next special event or party on this list, call us! We are happy to discuss the details of your Chicago party with you, assist you in deciding on the menu for buffets or boxed lunches, and make sure that the special occasion for your business or family is truly wonderful. Our team is dedicated to making all of our clients happy so that you will rely on us as your caterer for all of your future special events.

Rental Service Options

In addition to our amazing food options, we can also provide a full range of rental services, depending on the type of special event you are hosting. For general events in Chicago with many guests, Corky’s Catering offers tables, tents, chairs, linens, china, staff, bathrooms, bands, and DJs.

If you are hosting a more informal event such as an outdoor family picnic or reunion, we can also provide clowns, petting zoos, pony rides, ice cream carts (and other fun foods such as snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, corn dogs, and much more), moon jumps, and carnival rides. Whatever you and your family may need, Corky’s Catering can help.

Contact Us for Information on Catering for Social Events, Corporate Events, and Wedding Catering

Individuals, families, and businesses all over the Chicago area plan and host many different kinds of parties and special events throughout the year. They must have options for event catering that meet all their guests’ needs. When you want to have a truly remarkable event, you should rely on an experienced caterer to assist you with the menu so that you can check food off your to-do list.

Corky’s Catering has been providing Chicago catering services since 1978, and our team is thoroughly dedicated to delighting you and your guests with exceptional food and catering service. We also understand that you are probably working with a strict budget for your events, so we are happy to work within that budget and make the event as unforgettable as possible.

When you contact Corky’s Catering in Chicago, IL, we will help you decide which menus are right for your special occasion, give you a clear pricing estimate, and ensure you get the best customer service possible. Call us today to help with planning your next special event!


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