Tips For Planning The Perfect Graduation Party in Addison, IL

Graduation is a ceremony every student looks forward to. It is a time that is special because it enables individuals to look at their hard work over the past year or past few years.

What better way to wrap up an academic phase and let off the steam of finals other than a graduation party? This is always a good time to bring friends, family, and colleagues together to celebrate an academic feat.

Many graduates are usually pumped about these ceremonies but often overwhelmed by the thoughts of planning. The graduate will have their head wrapped around the idea of the pre-planning stage, to execution, and the actual planning being perfect. But perfection doesn’t come easy and it requires some level of expertise.

If you are thinking of having a graduation party, then graduation party catering is essential. In this guide from Corky’s Catering, you will be introduced to graduation party ideas that will help you plan the perfect graduation party.

1. Choosing a theme

Your graduation party, similar to regular parties, should have a theme. A party’s theme is the central style of the ceremony. You may wonder if choosing a party theme is necessary.

Well, a party theme ensures that all the activities, the venue, decoration, and food come to a central sync. Your guest will also have an idea of what to expect and maybe wear costumes in line with the theme. This will add color to the occasion.

It is here where you will think about party favors, graduation party supplies, and graduation decorations.

It is also here where you would ask whether it is an outdoor party or whether it is indoors. This would have an impact on items like your pasta bar, taco bar, popcorn bar, dessert table, and even candy buffet.


2. Budgeting

Budgeting is vital to the success of any project and since your party will require some spending, you may as well consider it a party project.

You may wish to hold a gala event and invite the entire community to your graduation party, but your pocket will always be a huge determinant. Your party can only be as good as the amount you can afford.

Budgeting is to do a market survey of all the items you may need and the amount you are willing to expend on each item. This way, you have a blueprint of how much you will be spending on each item and a fixed figure of how much the party will cost you.

Remember that while a popcorn bar, pasta salad, or donut bar sounds nice, it might be excessive. Focus on the essentials for your food menu options and other aspects of your party and then think about adding more, like latex balloons, to make the event picture perfect.

Another great budgeting tip is to search for places you can get good quality at the lowest prices possible. To do this, ensure that you look around and compare prices from different vendors. You will be amazed at how much you will save on your grad party.

3. Guestlist and invitations

It is possible to assume that you know how many people you intend to have at your party but until you draft a guest list, you never really know. Your guest list will help you determine how many people you will be catering for at the party.

With a guest list, you will adequately and properly fill out your invitation cards. This way, no one you intend to invite will be left out. You will also be able to send the invitations out in time and your guest will have enough time to prepare for the party.

You may want to make sure that you have a photo booth set up to have pictures with your graduation cap, have a photo backdrop, and more during your graduation season.

4. Choosing a venue

A venue is a key factor in planning and it may make or mar your graduation party. You want to spend a great deal of time looking at different venues and choosing one that not only suits your theme but can also accommodate your guests.

It is essential that the venue naturally blends into the theme of your party as this may save you from spending heavily on decoration. In some cases where the venue resonates with your theme, you may not even have to decorate at all.


5. Food

Food is an essential feature of every party. It’s only appropriate that you satisfy your guests with good food and drinks.

Deciding on what meals and drinks are most appropriate on your own, maybe hectic. It is advisable to hire the services of a food vendor. You can worry about other details while the food vendor gets to handle all the details about the food.

A food vendor may help you choose a variety of meals and a unique meal service based on your party’s theme. The food vendor will also ensure that the meals are properly cooked and served on time.

6. Music

Music is food for the soul. You want to choose a playlist that resonates well with the theme of the party and serenade your guests with good sound.

You may need to hire a DJ to ensure that your playlist is churned out in style. With a good DJ, you wouldn’t have to worry about the songs synching or playing, or trying to fix a musical sound or switch. You can relax and just enjoy the music like everyone else.


7. A unique feature

You want your graduation party to go down memory lane as a special occasion. Graduation for you may be special but it can even be more special for you and your guest. Come up with creative ideas of decoration, food, music, games… literally anything that can make your party stand out.

Corky’s Catering is Here For You During Your Graduation Year!

Your graduation party can be amazing! You deserve the perfect graduation party and hiring a team of event planners or vendors can save you a lot of stress.

We will be happy to help you find the best vendors and planners. Let’s make your dream graduation party a reality. Our staff is here to answer any questions you might have to help you.

Reach us at Corky’s Catering today!

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