Tips For Planning the Perfect Communion Celebration in Elmhurst, IL

A child’s communion is an extra special event for them and their family members as well. The church communal ceremony is usually reserved for the immediate family, godparents, and grandparents- and then it is a typical tradition to host a party afterward to celebrate the occasion. A communion party is a great way to include extended family and friends in the celebration.

However, planning such an event can be, understandably, stressful- with most people describing communion party preparations as similar to organizing a mini wedding. To help to make the communion celebration preparation stress-free, we have prepared a simple communion party checklist below.

However, remember that a communion celebration is not the typical child’s party, as guests of all ages will attend. Your child is the celebrant, hence the party’s star, and they, their friends, and the grown-up guests must all have a good time.

  1. Start Planning Early

Planning is crucial for a successful event and will leave you more relaxed to enjoy the day. It is, therefore, best to draw up a checklist for the day, three to four months before the event- so that you do not forget anything you may need to do. The communion celebration party checklist should include;

  1. Date and Time

As soon as you have the communion ceremony set date, start planning! Universally, most communion ceremonies happen within the same few dates. This means many people will be hosting communion celebrations around the same time- making booking entertainment and venues difficult.

So, the sooner you start planning, the more options you will have. As a general rule, there should be a difference of two hours between the church ceremony starting time and when guests should start arriving at your home.

  1. Assemble the Action Team

Put together family and close friends to help and delegate other helpers to serve snacks and drinks, organize children’s games, make or book the communion cake, and clear up.

  1. Set a Budget

This is the most vital part of the communion checklist to prevent the communion party costs from spiraling out of control. Therefore, you must set a realistic budget way in advance and keep to it. Think about what you need, what you can do without, and any unforeseen costs.

  1. Set the Phone Calendar

Keep your phone calendar close at hand, as it is a proven way to make it through brain lag, as it will help you remember all the tasks you need to do.

  1. Make the Guest List

The guest list should include all the people who are special to your celebrant. It could be close family members, relatives, friends, or your favorite neighbors. Ideally, invitations should be sent at least six weeks before, so guests can RVSP, and you can have the guest head count to help you plan appropriately. Make sure you incorporate the party’s theme into the invitation cards.

  1. Catering

Decide on the party’s catering-whether you will cook or high a professional catering service. If you have less than 20 guests, you might decide to cook the meal yourself as a simple and cost-effective option. When serving many guests, a more cost-effective option is a buffet lunch.

You can choose to cook the meal yourself or have the assistance of a caterer. For larger parties, it is more convenient to hire a catering service so you can focus on other things at the party without worrying too much about the meal. when preparing for the communion celebration meal, make sure to;

  • Plan meals that do not need much last-minute preparation or attention. Preparing as many food items as you can the day before the event is best.
  • Keep the dishes simple so that they are suitable for self-service.
  • There are enough chaffing dishes to keep hot food hot throughout the day.
  • Delegate family and close friends to come with a selection of appetizers, mini-desserts, sandwiches, and salads that appeal to all ages.
  • Take into account unforeseen special dietary requirements of guests, such as food allergies, vegetarians, or vegans. Ensure there is something for everyone.
  1. Book the Hairdresser, Entertainers, and Photographer

Remember to book the entertainers, hairdressers, and photographers well in advance. Ensure there is entertainment for the young and old. You may need to book a bouncy castle and a DJ.

  1. Decorations and Theme

The communion party décor needs to be simple but special. You can have candles, flowers, balloons, and a table accent or centerpiece. You can also add confetti shaped into crosses, stars, bibles, or doves; and scatter them across the table to add a very appropriate, nice touch.

  1. Seating and Crockery

You can borrow or hire chairs, tables, and crockery for the guests. You could add a tent to protect against nasty weather surprises. If you hire a catering service, they will provide the cutlery and crockery.

  1. Final Preparations

One or two days before the function, it is time to clean the house, tidy the garden, and prepare a gifts table where you will place the communion thank-you gifts for the guests, to leave as little to do on D-day. If you plan to take the communion photos yourself, make sure to charge the camera’s batteries.

  1. Enjoy Yourself

On the day itself, let loose and have a good time after all the planning in the last few months. Remember, the communion party is meant to be a joyous event for your child; they and everyone else need to be at ease and comfortable as they celebrate the religious significance of the ceremony.

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