Menu Ideas for the Perfect Brunch

As the warm weather slowly fades, Brunch in the late Summer is an exciting way to start the day out right.

Crepes with Cream Cheese in a Cherry Sauce 

This is one Brunch dish that is hard to say no to. The cherry sauce could be made right before your eyes with a little cognac a spark of flame and a fabulous cherry sauce ready to be poured over a luscious cream cheese filled crepe.

Belgian Waffles These are a favorite in Chicago and with Maple syrup and lots of creamy butter, it can make you forget all about your diet for a morning.

Pancakes With your choice of syrups, there’s no doubt this would be a close second for the most asked for breakfast treat.

Bagels For those with a less of a sweet tooth, bagels and a variety of cream cheese fillings would make them more than happy.

Denver Omelet Of course, the famous Denver Omelet would fill almost everyones morning brunch menu with a touch of panache.

Wraps You can serve wraps of all kinds, stuffed with fillings from every country on the globe. From jerked chicken or Thai chicken with peanut sauce, to the simple Tuna Salad and Ham Salad varieties. It’s versatile and there’s something for everyone.

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