How To Plan the Perfect Christening Party on a Budget in Villa Park, IL

Amongst many other religious celebrations, christening is a commonly celebrated life event in the Christian community. In Villa Park, Illinois, and its environs, Corky’s Catering services offer quality christening catering focusing on the different dietary restrictions. With the help of our highly professional staff, we will ensure we create the best catering services for your child’s special day. We have been at the heart of catering services for the whole Chicago community for over 30 years.

Christening Catering

Greetings on the arrival of your brand-new child! You may want to get your child christened if you practice Christianity. An infant or person is formally welcomed into the Christian community at a christening, which is frequently used interchangeably with baptism. A clergyperson officiates the ceremony and initiates several rituals, such as:

  • Blessing/Anointing of the baby
  • Selection and introduction of godparents
  • Granting the baby a Christian name

After the formal Christening ceremony, most folks continue with the christening party with family and friends.

According to research by, 10% of parents spent up to £10,000 on their child’s special day. This shows just how relevant and revered a christening party is to our clients. At Corky’s Catering services, we take christening catering with the same level of seriousness. We are flexible and can also deliver quality christening catering services at different budgets

In addition to taking into account your visitor’s nutritional needs, we let them manage their own portion sizes to please everyone. We specialize in buffet catering, which allows you to provide a wide range of selections and fit every guest’s needs. When preparing your Christening celebration, several issues need addressing to ensure the events are successful. These factors include:

Your Budget

This should be the first thing to consider, to establish how many resources will go into planning the christening celebration. At Cocky’s Catering, we have a wide set of resources to ensure we plan a wonderful christening ceremony within your budget.

How to plan a christening party on a budget

Below is a list of things that will help you stick to a budget when planning for christening parties

  • Combine your child’s christening with their 1st birthday ceremony: You will likely invite the same family and friends to your child’s birthday and christening, so why not combine them and cut down the cost of holding two events?
  • Create a guest list and stick to it: Mainly, a christening is attended by family and close friends. Work with a number that your budget can accommodate.
  • Borrow them an outfit: A christening is a one-time celebration where the outfit will be worn only. You could save up money and borrow an outfit from friends or family.
  • Work with finger food: This will save you cash on cutlery as you deliver a wonderful christening catering service.
  • Get family and friends to bake snacks and food to bring to the christening ceremony.
  • Check for drinks deals: Research the most affordable drinks for your christening celebration.
  • Reuse decoration: Most decorations are used for one-day celebrations and can be reused if stored well.

Date of event

Once you have a suitable date for your event, you must inform your catering company so that they instantly begin preparation for the Christening party. The experts at Corky’s Catering can assist you with timing during the event planning phase because we are also experts in full-service event management. This will help schedule when to stock and start placing the setup.

Our event organizers know the pressure involved in organizing a catered Christening, and we work to reduce your stress. Even our catering setup has four variations to suit everyone’s requirements better. We offer; Pickup, delivery, drop-off, and set-up and on-site service personnel like chefs and caterers (full service).


Knowing which church or location the christening event will take place early in advance is important. This will enable timely preparation for the event and avoid the last-minute rush. Ensure to follow up on all relevant legal papers for the event as well. You must also select a venue with ample space for your child’s Christening event. Our caterers at Cocky’s Catering have experience in the field and can assist clients to pick a venue for their child’s christening ceremony.


Corky’s Catering provides christening catering services with various food choices that will impress everyone at your child’s christening party. You can select from various menus, and we are delighted to explain the distinctions between the buffet, individual packages, box lunches, and a la carte menus to help you decide which options are ideal for you.

The wonderful cuisine selections of appetizers and main courses offered by Corky’s Catering are the ideal complements to any event or special day. As you choose the menus for your party, we may also provide you with our personal recommendations and detailed menu assistance.

Number of guests

It might be a good idea to keep the number of visitors you expect in mind while creating your menu. This informs our expert caterers on which food you are required to shop for and in what amounts. Also, decide on how best you’d like the food served to them.

Dietary restrictions

The dietary restrictions of your customers are important to take into account. Our Christening catering service company provides food for every guest and offers great choices.

The most common dietary restrictions we address in our buffets are:

  • Vegan lifestyle.
  • Kosher lifestyle.
  • Nut allergies.
  • Gluten allergies.

Our well-capable chefs can customize the buffets and the menus to accommodate all the above dietary restrictions to ensure we provide quality service to all clients at all the christening events.

Are You Looking For Caterers for any religious Celebration in Villa Park, Illinois? Welcome To Cocky’s Catering

At Cocky’s Catering, our staff of professional caterers and chefs is well equipped to ensure that your christening, wedding, and baptism ceremony will be both enjoyable and unforgettable for you and your guests. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

If you want to host a christening ceremony at a reasonable price, visit our offices at 1421 W. Fullerton Ave. Addison, IL 60101 to get a free quote for your event. Contact us at (630) 523-8676 for more information about our services.

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