How to Make Your Corporate Picnic a Success

A corporate picnic is a gathering of employees from a firm to dine and participate in enjoyable games and outdoor activities. Some of these company picnics have beach parties or carnival themes.

Company picnics are commonly held for the goal of team building. Such picnics may encourage teamwork. Many employees regard it as a motivation to be more effective at work.

A company picnic is also a great way for an employer to demonstrate appreciation to his or her employees. However, in order to achieve these objectives, company picnics require meticulous preparation and coordination.

If you are in a dilemma of planning for a company picnic, the following tips will make your company’s picnic a successful company picnic. If you are looking for help with your corporate picnic catering needs, remember that our team at Corky’s Catering is here to help.

We understand how important your corporate event is to you and your company and we make sure to help with the event planning, the picnic menu, and more to ensure that it is the perfect company picnic.


1. Prepare a Budget

You will naturally have to pay for a place, food, and activities when holding a picnic, hence you need a budget. The budget rises in proportion to the number of employees who are expected to attend the picnic.

So, before you go shopping, figure out how much your company can afford. This way you will shop within the allocated amount and avoid a budget deficit.

This way, you will know what you will allocate when it comes to your picnic menu and other aspects.

When it comes to your outdoor events, are you thinking about hot dogs, burger patties, funnel cakes, or cotton candy? Are you thinking about having photo booths, a three-legged race, or other ways to play games?

These are all aspects to account for when it comes to your outdoor event.

Our catering company, Corky’s Catering, can certainly help when it comes to planning a company picnic and other company events. We are pleased to ensure that your employees are happy with the event.

2. Select an Appropriate Date and Time

When choosing a date, keep the weather in mind. You may not know the weather forecast, but try to avoid chilly or wet seasons. Early and late summer or fall are ideal for company picnics.

Furthermore, avoid holding company picnics around big holidays when employees may want to spend time with their families. They are probably looking forward to a break from work and colleagues.

If you can afford to, attempt to have the event during office hours. Taking them away from their families for a company picnic is not ideal, instead, take them away from office work.

3. Hire an Event Planner

You can absolutely plan your own basic picnic. However, event planners can assist you if you want your company picnic to stand out, especially if you don’t have enough time to put everything together.

Event Planners will work with vendors to make sure everything works according to your objectives, and budget.

4. Decide on a Theme

A workplace picnic may not appear to require a theme. However, a theme can help you make better planning decisions. As a result, it’s one of the most crucial decisions you may make early on. A theme can be inspired by a specific location, activity, or occasion.

5. Select the Ideal Location

One of the most significant aspects of any company picnic is the location. Choose a place that is both accessible and large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Your decision of a location may also be influenced by the theme.

6. Select Games and Activities

The games or challenges you choose are determined by your objectives and who will be present. Team-building exercises, for example, may be appropriate if your goal is to create increased collaboration.

7. Establish Ground Rules

Giving your staff advance notice of what to expect can make the event go smoothly. It can also assist you in adhering to the venue’s local legislation and rules. Here are a few things to think about while establishing ground rules.

8. Distribute Invitations

Send out invitations to everyone on your guest list after you have the specifics of the date and place. Specify who is invited and what each guest is expected to do. Then, to help you arrange your food and activities, ask for RSVPs.

9. Consider Catering and Entertainment Options

Catering is usually required for larger enterprises with larger gatherings. Make sure your menu is inclusive, just like any other event you’re planning that involves food. This includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. For entertainment, carnival stands and a band are definitely worth considering if your budget allows it.

10. Great Food is Required for Every Company Picnic

Plan the timetable so that everyone at the business picnic has something to eat and drink at all times. Start the picnic with a few finger snacks or light appetizers as your employees or colleagues arrive, and then call it a day about half an hour before lunch or supper.

Bring in a couple of different sorts of food trucks for the guests to choose from for something a little more distinctive. This would allow for a more engaging experience as well as a means to offer a wider range of foods. Remember to include a dessert truck!

11. Have on first aid kits

A company’s picnic is no doubt a time out for everyone and a good opportunity to relax. However, accidents happen and an outdoor area may not exactly be the best place to find medical aids. You don’t want to be caught off guard when this happens and having first-aid within arm’s length can save a life. Intentionally include a first aid kit in your budget.


Corky’s Catering Is Here To Help

We know you have a few creative ideas for a memorable company picnic. It’s great to add some spice to your picnic and make your colleagues have a great time. If you, however, need any assistance with the planning or execution, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are only a call away!

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