How to Have a Successful Pig Roast party in Chicago IL

Organizing a pig roast party or a get-together now and then is a good option as it allows people to refresh themselves, get a break from their hectic daily life routine, and also have an opportunity to discuss different life events.

Although giving an invitation to other people for your party is a simple gesture, there are many preparations which go around to have a successful party.

Whether you are looking to present an event with a 4.5-star rating or a five-star rating on Fullerton Ave or another Ave Chicago IL offers, you want to make sure to have as minimal stress as possible.


Things You Need To Consider To Host A Successful Pig Roast Party

Ideally, when you plan to host a successful pig roast party, there are different things that are going into your mind. Most of the time, you don’t remember all of them. Hence, the best way is to pen down all the planning details you have in mind. Following are some basics you need to consider to have a successful pig roast party.


The Roast

The size or the quantity of pig roast depends upon the people attending the party. Hence, always ensure you invite your guests a week or before. This aspect will give you an insight into the number of guests attending your party. After you are aware of the number of guests attending the party, you have to search for the butcher who will supply the pig.

You should place the order a week before so the butcher can make that amount available. If you only have pork, you must have at least 1.5 pounds of pork per guest. However, if side dishes are available, then 1.2 to 1.3 pounds per guest will also work. You can also cook the pig at your place if you have a big yard, wood, and charcoal.


The Rest of the Food

  • It is a good idea to think about baked beans, beef brisket, and more, in addition to the roasted pig at the party in Evergreen Park or another fantastic location. It is necessary to think about these aspects if it is for charity events or your next event for the family.


Catering And Additional Items 

You will surely need good pig roast catering services to host a great party. You can search for pig roast catering services near me to find the best catering services in town. Corky’s Catering has done an amazing job at pig roasts and at corporate events at affordable prices.

In addition, Corky’s Catering could help you account for proper tables, chairs, glasses, napkins, cutlery, and cups for the event. You can rest assured that Corky’s Catering has extensive experience thinking about the buffet table, a separate table for sideline dishes, and a different table for desserts if any.

Moreover, for the beverages, you can have a corner for drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and fresh juices. If the budget is not a factor, you can also plan on having different dip sauces.


The Party Day

For the Pig roast party day, you have to work slowly and gradually to avoid any blunders and ensure that the pig is cooked well and your party is a hit. If you aim to cook at your place, the pig should arrive early in the morning and be chilled.

Let it sit and bring it to room temperature. Meanwhile, you can light the fire using wood and charcoal. Keep lots of water by your side to control the flame in case of a flare-up.

During this time, you can season your pig. You can use herbs, salt, and pepper to strengthen your pig. Apart from these points, you can also use any good seasoning you have. Make sure you season the inside as well. Then, remember to allow it to rest for half an hour.

Get ready for a long cooking time, at least 6 to 8 hours. The temperature of the fire should be 225 to 250 degrees. However, the internal temperature of the pig should be around 150 degrees when done. Now you can serve your pig roast with drinks, side dishes, and sauce dips.

This is where Corky’s Catering can shine with the best food possible for your event.


How To Choose The Best Pig Roast Catering Services Near Me

You quite likely have heard that the first impression is the last. Similarly, your guests will not taste the food first. Instead, they will look at your party’s overall presentation and catering.

Due to this reason, you have to ensure that your catering is on point, from tables to glasses to napkins, everything should be perfect by all means.

Following are the things you should always look for when choosing catering services for a pig roast party.


  • Premium Presentation

Professional and good catering services ensure that everything is on point. Ranging from the food cooked to the cutlery handling. The cutlery should be cleaned and sterilized. It should be handled with care, and the presentation of each table should be homogeneous. There should be professionalism and expertise in working.


  • Cost-Effective Services

Best catering services should guide you in the most cost-effective ways rather than wasting your time and money. When considering the food item, the items should be taken in bulk before buying them individually. There should be fine and presentable cutlery and glassware with staff having professional gestures.


  • Acknowledging the Differences 

Good catering services should acknowledge the differences. This means they should be aware of the taste and choices of people as there will be mixed gatherings at each event, including people from different cultures and religions who prefer different cuisines. Hence, they should give the best opinion to their clients.


Corky’s Catering Is There with Pulled Pork and More for Your Party!

We love and appreciate pig roasts! Our team of caterers in Chicago IL is here to make sure we present all the food and make your event a success.

There is much which goes into hosting a successful pig roast party. You have to make sure that you plan well, go step by step and ensure that everything is ready before a day or two when the party is scheduled.

If you are looking to have a fantastic event, reach out to our wonderful team at Corky’s Catering today. We are pleased to continue to present amazing experiences at each of the events we have the privilege and honor to cater to.

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