How do you Plan a Party on a Budget in Chicago, IL

How do I plan a party on a small budget? This is a fantastic question to ask. It shows that you realize that there are constraints and hurdles. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your plans. It is this can-do attitude that has spurred you to plan a party out in the first place!

Of course, throwing a party is not easy- with all the arrangements, including food, drinks, music, and décor. You never get the hold of how and when your budget went over the board. As a born entertainer with a natural talent for throwing amazing parties, it is time you understand how budgeting is the first and essential aspect of planning a party.

Remember that planning and throwing a party is subjective. It depends on the set of parties you are throwing. How many people are invited, and what is your overall budget? Under all of these conditions, a party is planned. For example, let us say you are planning a party for your dad’s retirement where over 400 guests are invited.

In this situation, of course, the arrangements that you have to make will be more lavish and impressive. However, if you are throwing a birthday party and just inviting your friends over, with a few people, some décor, and not very large arrangements, you will be able to arrange a small party without having to put a dent in your bank account.

Let’s find out more about throwing a fabulous party on a tight budget.

How to Plan a Party on a Budget?

Now the question is, can you throw a party on a small budget? A party planning with proper arrangements including beautiful décor, two or more items of food, drinks, party invitations, and music? The answer to that question is yes! It is only possible with the budgeting and planning you need to do beforehand. And yes, event planning largely depends on which aspect you will focus on.

As you are already aware of your guests, you know what kind of parties they like. If you have friends who are into music, you need to put in a lot of effort in arranging DJs and maybe having a designated area for the dance floor. It means you have to scale down your budget for decor. It is always about balancing it out!

5 Ways You Can Use to Plan a Party on a Small Budget 

Planning a party is not easy. However, it is not rocket science! With just the right amount of planning, you can become a pro at it. That too, while staying on a budget. Without further ado, let us look for some ways you can use to plan a party without breaking your bank!

#1. Budget 

The first and foremost factor while planning a party is to create an actual budget. You need to be smart with your money. As a host, you might feel obligated to throw the best party. But trust us, that is possible in a feasible manner.

Yes, the party should be colorful and fun, but you shouldn’t have to go over the board for it. Create an actual budget. Write everything you want at the party. List them from expensive to feasible. The best way to budget out for the event is to keep all the cash you have saved for the party aside. Possibly place it in an envelope. Whenever you pay for something for the party, take out cash from it. In this way, you will keep track of how much you can spend.

#2. Invitations

First things first, there is no need to send out paper-made formal invitations. Unless it is a wedding, of course, simply use online software to present invitations. Design the online cards yourself and distribute them to your party invites on social media platforms. Moreover, you can even create an event invite on Facebook. Add the guests there, and you will save yourself from the hassle of designing the cards too.

#3. Budget Decor 

The first thing guests usually notice is the décor. If the décor is boring and mediocre, their energy will be down as soon as they enter. And you don’t want that. Once you’ve picked up on a theme, Google ideas of how you can create the same thing, use Pinterest to generate inspiration. Moreover, DIY ideas should be your lifesaver! See what you have at home, plan the activities, and start with DIY décor planning. Use a party event instead to sort out everything.

#4. Food

Next, we have the main show stopper of every single party. That is the food present there! People usually attend parties because of the amazing food. Now, while staying on a budget, you don’t want to make it dull for them. Instead of ordering food from outside, remember to take the help of a catering company, instead of arranging the food yourself.

The catering company can save you money while also presenting fantastic party food!

Alternatively, if guests offer to help or bring food, let them! It is helpful to you, and it is going to make your party even more budget-friendly. Don’t miss the opportunity of allowing your friends and family to pitch in.

#5. DIY 

DIY projects are also fantastic! Be it décor, food arrangements, or invitations. Although DIY projects are time and energy-consuming, they make sure you save enough cash. Look up ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration. Use DIY as much as you can. From planning the activities to arranging food bars and more.

Need Help with Your Next Event? Reach Out To Our Team at Corky’s Catering Today

If you are a social butterfly or like throwing fabulous parties, there is a chance you are already aware of how it can put a dent in your bank account.

But there are other ways to make sure that you throw your big party and have the right level of party guests without compromising style and fun.

The bottom line is hosting a party for your friends and family is a great way to recharge yourself and have fun. However, you need to skip all those pricey extras and get creative with the arrangements to stay within your budget.

Our team at Corky’s Catering understands how a great party can be beneficial to a wide variety of people, including the host. It can raise spirits, let people meet new people, and help them to form connections. We also understand that you need to save money, and so we partner with our clients to ensure to have a budget-friendly party. You may bring the party favors and the party supplies, and we will bring the food and the signature drink options.

Whether you are throwing birthday parties or another type of memorable party, we are here to ensure that the main course and other food items are up to par.

Call us and visit us to see how we can help you make creative ideas and make sure your guests get enough food, feel great after attending the party at your house. So plan ahead now!

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