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Graduations are a lot of fun! They have a significant impact on the graduate’s life. It’s exciting to graduate from kindergarten, high school, or college.

Yes, each of these are momentous occasions. They each mark a significant milestone in life.

This isn’t just a day for you to be proud of yourself; it’s also a day for your friends and family to be proud of you. They have witnessed your journey, and just maybe they’ve made one or two sacrifices to make this happen for you, so it is also their day, just as much as it is yours.

On your graduation day, your thoughts may be filled with accepting your award while your loved ones beam from ear to ear and cheer you on. This is one of the most exciting events of anyone’s life.

That is why more people are taking the time to have a party.

Graduation parties are hosted by graduates to celebrate with guests after the official academic ceremony. You must be present at the moment as it will become a mental highlight reel.

While you are busy processing all these thoughts and taking well wishes from family and friends, you will probably be too overwhelmed to manage party guests. It is, therefore, essential that you plan, so you can seamlessly enjoy every bit of it.

If you are looking for help with graduation party catering, reach out to our team at Corky’s Catering today. We are pleased to present graduation party food ideas, present a taco bar, have delicious elements like sour cream, bleu cheese, a candy buffet, fresh fruits, different types of finger food, a pasta bar, and even discuss party favors.

We understand how special this event is to you and are pleased to provide our catering services to the local community. If you are searching for a catering company with strong Chicago roots, our catering professionals are standing by to learn more about your graduation catering needs.

Reach Out To Corky’s Catering For Your Graduation Catering Needs

What should I cater for the graduation party?

Here are a few things to resolve before your big day.

A venue to host the party

Choosing a venue is one of the first preparatory measures you should take. The venue you choose has a significant impact on the success of your event. The venue determines what you can accomplish there, how many people you can accommodate, and other factors.

Choosing the right venue ensures that you and your guests have a great time. If you are thinking about an outdoor party, that can work as well!

Talk to our team about your vision and we will use our extensive experience to make sure that all the fixings are in order.

A Crowd-Pleasing Menu

Food and drinks are essential in hosting the guests at your graduation ceremony. This can seemingly make or mar the celebration.

Your guests deserve food that tastes as good as the feeling of graduation. A poor choice of food can make the ceremony dull.

It is ideal to hire Corky’s Catering to prepare a variety of satisfying edibles and make the menu one less thing for you to worry about.

A Fun Theme

Choosing a theme might help you stay organized and on track with your party preparations. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can proceed to choose matching décor, games, and colors.

Feel free to be as creative as you want with your graduation party theme, and send out matching party invitations to set the tone for a great time with your guest!


Keep the celebration going with some upbeat music! Make a list of your favorite bands and artists so you can make a playlist that fits your personality. Depending on your budget, you could choose to hire a local band to perform live music to entertain your guests!

How much Food should you have at a Graduation Party?

This is a key factor to really think about as a huge part of the party’s budget is hinged on food. Remember to look at these different aspects when determining the amount of food required for a graduation party:

  • How many people are you thinking about inviting?
  • The duration of the party.
  • Guests’ meal preferences.

This is another reason you need to hire a caterer like Corky’s Catering as they will help you prepare a food plan within your budget and the expected number of guests. This way, you can get more for less.

If you are looking for help with your graduation party food and seek to have a successful event, reach out to our team at Corky’s Catering today. We are pleased to ensure that you have a crowd pleaser of an event.

How do you throw A Feasible Graduation party?

Your budget is key in any graduation party planning. As much as you want to have a great time, you want to ensure it is within your means. The following tips will help you tailor your graduation party to your budget:

  • Access your bank statement and decide on how much you can afford
  • Write out the necessities
  • Consult those who will be helping you get one thing or the other and know how much the materials and services will cost
  • Itemize all the projected expenses and find the sum
  • Compare the projected sum with the proposed amount you can afford to spend
  • Analyze the overall costs

If the projected sum is lesser than the amount you intend to spend, you can go ahead with the planning. If it exceeds the intended amount, you might need to draft another list and cut out some items. Do this projected expenses and intended expense comparison until your plans fall within your budget.

If you are looking for a fantastic way to indulge in graduation season without incurring significant expenses, reach out to our team at Corky’s catering to learn more about catering services and options.

What do you have at a graduation party?

A graduation party is a time to celebrate and enjoy the moment. Here are a few things to include in the program to light up the ceremony.

The Graduate Speech

This party is really about you and you want to make it memorable by sharing some of your best moments. Let your guests know how elated you are that they could make out time to be with you.

You could also use the opportunity to make them know what you have planned for the party. This heightens their expectations and increases their participation in the ceremony.


If you want to keep your guests highly engaged, you want to introduce games. Depending on your guests, you can decide on the most appropriate game. You can add a little reward for whoever wins to spice things up.

Photo Session

Pictures preserve memories. Add a memorable archaic feature by letting your guests go home with printed pictures. To make it more memorable, take a picture with every guest.

Who should you invite to the graduation party?

It’s your ceremony, and the idea of having a party is having those who matter to you celebrate with you. Your guest list should include:


They probably made a few sacrifices to get you here. Having them celebrate a win with you is priceless.


Friends are like family, and a graduation party is another memorable event to add to your friendship catalog.


If they have added value to your life, why not? They probably put in a lot of effort to help you through the system. Inviting them to a graduation party could be a “thank you” gift.


Having colleagues at your graduation party is an opportunity to share profound memories.

Regardless of who you invite, ensure that they will be properly catered for in your planning. In other words, don’t invite more than the number you can afford to cater for.

Need catering help?

We invest in each event with our skills, expertise, and experience. We understand how your ceremony revolves around the menu and can help you make a grand statement in this regard.

Contact our team at Corky’s Catering today and let us work with you to make this a fantastic event.

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