5 Tips for Executing the Perfect Corporate Picnic

Are you considering throwing a corporate picnic or your staff? If so, this is a good time to do so. A successful corporate picnic can boost employee morale by making them feel rewarded and appreciated.

It can also help promote team building and reduce work-related stress. A company picnic is an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect, network, and have a fantastic time. With a bit of effort and time, you can execute a perfect company picnic and grow as a team.

Why Host a Company Picnic?

A company picnic is one of the most effective team-building activities. It can help boost company morale and integrate your organization regardless of position or rank. One of the best things about a company picnic is that it is a low-stress, low-cost opportunity for workers to start conversations with each other and relax after tough months at work. Company picnics give employees something exciting to await each year.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Company Picnics

  • Budget 

The budget is the first thing you must consider when planning any corporate event. After all, you must pay for entertainment, delicious food, quality venue, drinks, and other catering essentials. Remember that your budget will increase for added guests. So, figure out how much you can afford to spend on your picnic before making significant decisions.

  • The Weather

When planning a fun outdoor event, the weather is one of the most critical factors. Try to choose a picnic date when it is unlikely to be rainy or too cold. You do not want to worry about the rain ruining your BBQ or preventing access to your picnic location. If you discover a chance of harsh weather ahead of time, postpone the event or start planning for alternative venues.

  • Time

One of the purposes of a company picnic is to reward your employees for their hard work. So, host it during regular business hours instead of making everyone attend during their time off. You do not want the event to feel like an obligation rather than a treat.

If you allow your guests to bring their families, plan it in the afternoon to cater to school schedules. Also, it includes fun activities like face painting, entertainment, and different food options for kids.

  • Food and Drinks

Another essential thing to consider is corporate picnic catering. What will everyone eat and drink? Who will provide the picnic catering? Do you need different menus for kids and adults? What food will you include on the picnic menu? Ensure you have a variety of drinks available, including juice, water, soda, and tea, as well as coolers with ice.

  • Picnic Activities

Games and other fun activities give company picnics and different types of events more purpose. They encourage guests to socialize and enjoy time with each other. However, it would help if you considered who you invited, the theme, and the event’s goals when choosing your activities and games.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Company Picnic

There is no better time and place to incorporate team-building and fun activities than at company picnics. However, organizing fun corporate events is no walk in the park. It would be best if you had all your ducks in a row well in advance to guarantee that your picnic goes ahead without a hitch. Tome of the tips to make your event a success include:

1.    Choose a Perfect Menu

In most people’s opinion, the best part of a picnic or any other type of event is the food. Start planning your menu, which should include the highest quality, freshest, and most delicious food. Do not forget to order a BBQ grill. After all, when they get to the picnic site, many of your guests will gravitate towards the BBQ area. Of course, there are many cooking and menu options than just hotdogs and burgers on the grill.

2.    Find Ways to Boost Attendance

Attendance at company events is sometimes lacking. Most employees want to be at home with their families. Others want to be at the ballpark, on vacation, or anywhere other than the office. Who can blame them? To make your corporate picnic a success, try to make it a family affair. That means allowing your guests to bring family and pets to the party. Make the food everyone’s food. You do not need special menus.

3.    Choose the Perfect Picnic Location

Illinois has beautiful venues and outdoor spaces perfect for a corporate picnic catering event. So, it is unlikely you will have trouble finding the ideal location for your event. Think of areas near your office, such as a beautiful private garden, grassy waterside knolls, or even a park. Consider sites with lots of trees to provide shade and a good ambiance for fun, a delicious meal, and socialization.

4.    Think Outside the Box

Think of ways to shake up your company picnic this year, such as a fun theme. How about hiring a fantastic cover band to entertain your guests, giant jumpy castles, or live hula dancers? Let your imagination run wild. A great way to find fun ideas is to send out a company survey asking people what they want to see and their picnic catering ideas.

5.    Plan Your Event Details 

Keep a checklist of everything you need to handle and organize. That includes the picnic site, date, budget, attendees, menus, theme, and more. That will take the hassle out of the process and even allow you to have some fun.

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