What is the Best Way to Cater a kids party in Chicago, IL

A birthday party event in Chicago, IL is a big deal for every child. A few balloon twisting and a game of pass the parcel or face paint won’t cut it! Whether you celebrate your kid’s first birthday event or sixteenth birthday event, making your kid’s birthday party event extra special tops every parent’s to-do list.

Your social media platform is probably filled with your mummy mates in Chicago, IL posting their little bundles of joy, looking incredible in their princess costumes or jumping up and down the bouncing castle or the inflatables on North Riverside. So what’s the secret to an unforgettable birthday party event in Chicago, IL? What are the birthday party packages available for your little one without sending your bank balance into a meltdown? Corkys Catering in Chicago, IL has got your back.

Group of kids celebrate birthday party together

We are not just about sweets, biscuits, icing, face painting, and balloon twisting. Although these are part of our favorite things. Our kids’ party entertainers are about celebrations and will ensure the birthday child has exactly what they wished for!

Here are a few tips that can help you pull off a memorable birthday party or main event for your kid.


The birth party event venue

Most venues in Chicago, IL, such as the North Riverside, focus on wedding catering. Are you looking for some excellent kids’ birthday party places thinking about where to hold your next birthday party event in Chicago, Il? Cheers to your next event. Corky’s Catering is one of the best kids party event places in Chicago, IL. Not only do we have the best kids’ party entertainers, but your child will enjoy balloon garlands, food trucks, ice cream trucks, a bounce house, and a private room during their party event. Our food trucks will offer you the best kids’ delicacies in the surrounding area of Chicago, IL.


Birthday parties themes

Birthday parties in Chicago, IL are more elaborate with fun-filled games, windy city ninjas to entertain guests, and amusement rides. While a few individuals may opt for private parties, most birthday parties look like carnivals depending on how many guests you have invited. Birthday party themes vary depending on the age of the party guests as well as the guest count.

In Chicago, IL, you can plan a fun-filled party at any one of our private rentals. The party host will entertain the party guests with various activities in the kids’ science labs. Children can also play around in the discovery center or the bounce house play areas. The pump-it-up inflatable party zone has slides, mazes, and bounce houses, making it a hot spot for birthday parties. You can custom create your party themes from Einstein to Wizards or super balls to silly putty. Of course, these will vary based on your child’s taste and preference.


Birthday party packages

Corkys Catering in Chicago, IL, has many birthday party packages to choose from. You can choose between magical portions, frozen themed science party, spa chemistry, or making mini bots. Each of these packages is inclusive of sixty minutes or ninety minutes of party rentals. Party guests are free to bring their food and soft drinks.

Do you want an affordable, memorable, hassle-free birthday party package event in Chicago, IL? Corky’s Catering has the best birthday party packages in Chicago, IL, and will do just that! You can download one of our teen’s birthday party packages on our website to view our offers. Our party packages are hard to resist. Our birthday party packages will also include a decorated room, shoe rental, tables, cupcakes, and the party host.

Once you have decided on your package, leave the rest with us. The shoe rental services can take up to two hours. The party planners at the park district in Chicago, IL will bring you unique party flavors to entertain your guests. The party packages can be held at some of our favorite Park district locations, including Fort Hill Activity Center, Dupage Children’s Museum, La Grange Park, and the Elk Grove Village.

Children on a birthday party blowing birthday candles.

You can also choose to have your birthday party at Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago, IL, which is a legend as far as children’s birthday parties are concerned. You can also hold your birthday party event at the Brookfield Zoo. Whirly ball Chicago Il is also home to many unique creations such as hot dogs, evergreen park, or dish pizza. The whirly ball is a combination of lacrosse, bumper cars, and basketball.

If your child’s height does not meet the requirement, there is laser tag and bowling to enjoy. They can also take part in the ultimate ninjas game. The top Ninjas have a wide variety of ninja courses and playtime for kids of all ages. They could choose to join the Double J riding club.

The party package’s start cost is dependent on whether you are a member and is all-inclusive of cake, ice cream, and goodie bags. Some packages start for as low as USD 375.


Catering options for kids’ birthday party event

You are probably wondering, “What are the catering services near me?” You are, of course, not searching for a three-course meal but something to keep those little tummies full. Kids can be picky eaters, and you must be keen on what you prepare for them without taking the fun away from it. Keep their tastes and preference in mind and take caution of any dietary specialties. Besides the common soft drinks, here are a few top kids catering menu ideas for your kid’s party event.

Rainbow cupcakes

What’s a kid’s birthday party without rainbow cupcakes? It is especially the best idea to ensure all the kids in the birthday party event have an equal share of the desert. To make the kids’ table even more colorful and exciting, include some food color dyes.

Mini sandwich

If you are holding a home birthday party event, keep it simple with a selection of sandwiches. You can add some biscuit cutters to make interesting, fun shapes or create a sandwich buffet by laying out cheese, ham, and buttered rolls for your birthday parties.

Taco bar

What’s more fun than having taco bars on your child’s special day? Fill up your kid’s table with taco bars at the birthday party event. To make some great tacos for your party, ensure you prepare the list of ingredients a day before the birthday party event.


Birthday party games and entertainment

Clowns, a bounce house, a forest park, balloon twisting, the game’s options for your important event are endless! Depending on your child’s age, you can include making mini bots and laser tag as part of the kid’s party fun. The little munchkins can take part in face painting in Wood Dale while parents take part in a mini-golf course that is open year-round or take part in spar chemistry during the party. Most celebrities prefer to hold their birthday parties as private events, but we are here to add all the fun into it.

Are you worried about the weather at your birthday party event? The ball factory is here to minimize your stress, whatever the weather. The ball factory is designed for your family to play indoors during birthday parties. Our party entertainers can also travel with you to the River Forest, Oak Park, Arlington Heights, or Chicago, IL’s forest park for your kid’s party special event. Oak Park Avenue has many kids’ party sports to offer, such as dodgeball, basketball, or soccer. Most children love visiting Arlington Heights due to the face painting activities during their birthday parties. You can also hold your kid’s party event at the sky zone trampoline park. The Sky zone facility offers wall-to-wall fun such as basketball or volleyball games for your kid’s party event.

Birthday party Private party room

Corkys Catering offers you the ultimate birthday party fun in Chicago, IL to wear out your son or daughter with an excellent sound system. With over two decades of experience, we are known for our corporate catering services and our trendsetting catering menu ideas. Your kid’s birthday party event will be fun-filled and exciting. The packages include two hours of your kid’s party in the private party room with instructor-led games. The personal party room charges are affordable and can host up to 16 kids for two hours at your kid’s birthday party.

What’s more? Our private room games include balloon twisting comedy, face painting, smiley paints, and book entertainers. Your guests can also use the private party room, enjoy some delicious handmade pizzas, and spend two hours in the discovery center. If you search for wedding catering near me, you will find Lake St. near the west side, which has suitable venues for your kid’s party.

Planning a kid’s birthday party? Hire the best caterers in Chicago IL

Corky’s Catering is a name you can trust for your child’s birthday. We care about your culinary needs, so the birthday child and guests have enough time to play and mingle. Our food comes hot and ready to serve. We can cater for small gatherings of up to 10 guests. Call (630) 526-6418 to discuss your birthday catering needs or menu options.


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