Wedding catering ideas that are sure to impress your guests in Addison, IL

Given the pricey locations, Bridal suites, lavish receptions, and foodservice costs for a large party, the overall costs of a wedding can be enormous. Let’s face it; food accounts for a significant portion of most expenses. The best part about having an outdoor reception is that you have complete control over what you serve and how it is delivered. You can pick the catering ideas that are sure to impress your guests in Addison, IL.

Aside from the lovely décor and memorable moments you have, the food you serve has a significant impact. Here are some amazing catering ideas that will surely leave you with many compliments, make your guests happy and have everyone looking forward to your next family event.

Would it be cheaper to cater your own wedding?

Many think that taking care of your wedding planning is a slightly less expensive process compared to hiring professionals. A self-catered wedding, often called a DIY wedding, means that you won’t need outside support to pull off your big wedding day. Your family and friends will be undertaking the functions of a full-service catering company, which include a planning process of procuring fresh ingredients, preparing dishes, transportation, and setting up the banquet hall or outside space, feeding guests, tearing down, and cleaning up after in Addison, IL.

If you have a very small group of guests, you may be able to cater your wedding cheaply although you can be guaranteed that it will not be stress-free. What you ought to do is to make a clear plan of a family-style wedding menu that people will enjoy, keep the meals simple, and enlist the assistance of your family and friends for a great value. This approach is highly discouraged however because you may end up spending the day up and down instead of enjoying your big day and leaving the worries to the professionals.

If you don’t want to put your family through this, ask the experts at Corky’s Catering to step in. We do all the planning and preparation needed, allowing your guests to have the fun and freedom brought about by our catered event planners. Contact us today and enlist our help doing your special events in Addison, IL.

What is included in wedding catering?

While no two catering services packages are similar, the most commonly offered components include.

Amazing food

The cuisine is an essential component of a wedding catering package. The meal may be served tableside like corporate lunch or buffet-style depending on the needs, but this can be addressed by our catering team ahead of time.


Depending on the wedding guests, budget caterer specifications you choose, the wedding package may contain hard and soft beverages. Our catering team may hire a bartender or provide bar service for hard drinks.


Staff will be provided as part of your wedding package and often work directly for the catering company. Therefore, you will only have to deal with the provided amount as we take care of the nitty-gritties involved.


A comprehensive catering package will likely include furnishings. In addition, they may have guest tables and chairs, plates, serve ware, glasses, utensils, and sometimes decorative décors such as centerpieces and table lighting. Services such as those of a DJ or band could also be requested ahead of time.

Ancillary Services

Wedding catering packages may also include ancillary services such as cake cutting assistance, champagne fountain assistance, corkage fees, and more.

What questions should I ask when looking for catering?

Because you won’t know if a caterer is good until you use their services, asking them a few questions will help you figure out what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re unsure what to ask, this blog includes a list of questions to ask the event manager before you hire them.

  • What is the entire staff dress code?

This plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of the special day. Also, you want to avoid attire that would otherwise collide with the religion and cultural affiliation of the guests.

  • What they may need at the wedding venue and what the facility offers.

Confirm whether they have up-to-date insurance covers and licenses. It verifies their services and boosts confidence that you are working with a legit business. Although most caterers have set prices for charging special occasions, i.e., corporate events to birthday parties, depending on the number of guests, it is wise to confirm how they calculate their fees.

  • Confirm whether they prepare the wedding food at your venue or outside.

If they choose the latter, demand to know the location lest you’ll fail your guests’ food quality expectations.

  • What special diets can the caterer handle? 

It would be a big mistake if you failed to ask such questions whereas you have dietary needs like allergies.

  • Do they have a caution fee? If yes, how much is it?

Since life presents inconveniences, it is essential to ask the caterer how much their caution fee is just to be prepared.

How do I choose a wedding caterer?

Once you have set a workable budget and know more or less what style and type of catering package you’re looking for, start searching for an affordable team. At Corky’s Catering, we look at our clients’ needs then provide a full package to meet them.

The booking process of the culinary team is often done many months—even years—prior, so locking in a caterer for your wedding date and time should be a high priority.

When choosing a wedding caterer, a great way to get going is to ask your venue for catering ideas, as most venues will have a list of preferred vendors. At Corky’s Catering, we have partnered with thousands of highly-sought venues to provide you with the best and most memorable weddings. Regardless of the size of budget, you are working with, we can get you the right space and cater to your event until we are guaranteed its success.

Another great way to start your search is to ask friends, family members, and colleagues who may have hosted a catered occasion in your area for referrals. Corky’s Catering often gets referrals because of the professional wedding specialists we send to your event to help, suggest, coordinate things, and ensure the smooth planning and running of your event from start to finish.

If you struggle to choose, reading online reviews is an excellent way to get a feel for how a caterer has performed in the past. You can check out Facebook and their websites to gauge if they have done a wonderful job on food quality and impeccable service in Addison, IL. Schedule a complimentary tasting with the top three. It allows you to fully discern whether the food’s quality, style, and presentation meet your expectations. Once you’ve completed your tastings and picked your caterer, close the search by signing a contract. In Addison, IL, the combination of quality catering services, affordable prices, and delicious food service has made Corky’s Catering the go-to caterer in the region for more than four decades.

Wedding catering ideas to impress your guests

  • Choosing delicious food

Guests come to eat and make merry and thus equipping yourself with a wide variety of food options to give them plenty of choices is advisable. Offering various options gives your guests the freedom of choice and makes the day of importance memorable. Worth noting is that having a buffet-style is a simple way to add in multiple food selections and is also advantageous since guests mingle and get to know each other throughout.

Also, match your food to the environment. For example, it might be strange to have a 4-course sit-down meal at a casual outdoor venue or a cocktail hour of small finger fillet mignon or hors d’oeuvres at an elegant restaurant.

With that in mind, it’s essential to match the food and style of service to your venue and perhaps even to the type of guests and guest count attending. You can always consult Corky’s Catering to advise you since we have immense experience and tips to make your wedding memorable.

  • The venue

Having the right venue to match the theme will definitely impress your guests. The church (for churchgoers) and reception venues should not be too far away from each other. You do not want your wedding to be remembered as the one where people had to endure many hours of travel to get to the food, do you? Still on the venue, having a budget is advisable since it helps the caterer know what you are working with early and thus provide their A-List services without stretching you out.

How do you get the best out of event planning?

We suggest that you spend some time selecting the best range of drinks, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, to complement the food and atmosphere. If you hire a caterer or an event coordinator, they’ll help create a drinks menu to go along with the great food.

Our second suggestion to getting the best from event planning is incorporating a cocktail hour to build an atmosphere that lets your guests mingle and have a wonderful time.

How do you make your wedding a special event?

Keep the ceremony brief but sweet by having a flow of events, the right direction, good food, and the right music. Additional aspects of adding the specialty include a few speeches, childcare, a photo session with the newlyweds, options for all guests, and, if possible, a designated driver service.

Get Corky’s Catering full-service catering for your wedding

If you are in Addison, IL, and you are looking for a catering company for not only your wedding but also a birthday party or a baby shower, then look no further than Corky’s Catering. Call us today and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Visit our website or call us on (630) 526-6418 to request a quote. Let us what your ideal wedding is, let us collaborate and watch as Corky’s Catering converts those ideas into reality on your wedding day. Catering comes easy to us and our food is to die for. Therefore, leave the catering to us and just go enjoy your big day.

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