Top 10 events for Halloween in Chicago, IL

Halloween in Chicago is one of the most celebrated events in the city. This spooky season presents a wide range of occasions. Some of them include pumpkin pop-up installations, trick or treating experiences, traditional parties, fear-inducing fright nights, horror movies, ghost tours, and many more. Here are the top 10 Chicago Halloween events that you can enjoy:

  • Music Box Of Horrors

At Grand Music Box Theater in Chicago, you’ll find pleasure in one of the rarest and captivating horror flicks that run for 24 hours marathon. You’re not just experiencing normal movie displays, and the theater has 3D displays and custom sound systems.


It accommodates a total of 700 people in an auditorium that was built in 1929. Some horror flicks include The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street, and other world-famous art movies. The Chicago Halloween merchandise giveaways are sold at drive-in screenings by their parent sponsors, Creepy Co., whose merchandise branch is in the city. 

  • Halloween at Basement of the Dead: Haunted House Tour

The haunted house or The basement of the dead is in downtown Aurora, and it was initially a heritage property. The building is also referred to as the “Illinois’ most haunted building” by Halloween connoisseurs; today, it’s 100 years old. Visitors are allowed to visit the property’s darkest and deepest underground structures during the Chicago Halloween season.


In the basement corridors of the haunted house, you’ll come across spooky Djs, bloodthirsty vampires, and bloody nurses. The event is famously known as the Night of Isolation, and it’s accompanied only by a glow stick and sheer fun. 

  • Dead Poet’s Halloween Party

This Chicago Halloween party honors the world’s literary giants, organized by Life Force Arts Center. You’ll get to mingle with the undead and enjoy all kinds of artwork, including sharing your horror verses, recitations, and mic readings. It is one of Chicago’s most recognized spiritual Halloween parties, with a hub for libations and bites.


You are free to dress as your favorite poet and entertain other guests with different stories such as Tarot cards and oracles readings. There is a themed dinner at this Halloween party which you’ll enjoy for free if you win the costume contest with your best Halloween jewelry and midnight ball masks.      

  • Midwest Haunters Convention Or MHC

If you’re a fan of horror films, this Chicago Halloween event will give you a chance to meet the artists behind those horrific captivating scenes. Midwest Haunters Convention is probably the largest Halloween event in the US that is open to all actors, pro and home haunters, and enthusiasts.


There is also a haunted house at this public event at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Other features at this party include seminars, educational workshops, and a Halloween trade show.

There is a family-friendly custom contest where guests can flaunt their best costumes and get a chance to tour with MHC in the top haunted buildings in Chicago.  

  • Arts In The Dark: Halloween Parade

This Halloween event is a salute to cultural communities that is hosted as a family-friendly annual parade. It’s a free evening event that gathers over 100,000 participants and guests across the world to celebrate “artist’s holiday.”

The event begins at Washington Park, passes through major city parts, and ends at State Street. This night parade is flooded with blood-soaked spectacle puppets, unique floats, and dance performances by contingents and talented professionals associated with Arts in the Dark.


The event is free, but guests have to book online reservations. It is an excellent party to celebrate Halloween in Chicago where you can showcase your skills, diversity, and costume. You can also bring along your family and friends.

  • Candy Grab: Chicago Halloweek Trick-or-Treating

It is another free event you can attend to celebrate Halloween in Chicago. It is held at the Salvation Army Mayfair Community Church, where community members and residents of Chicago City gather with their friends and families to enjoy old-school music.


There are workshops and prayers sessions at this Evangelical Christian Church which also features pre-packed candies as massive Haunted Halloween giveaways. It is a traditional and trendy event where guests are encouraged to showcase their scariest Halloween costumes.

After the Candy Grab party event, guests below 12 years old get to enjoy free ice cream. There is a church’s “haunted office” where you can visit and get an event-themed e-learning offer. 

  • Terror In The Timbers

It is regarded as the scariest drive you will come along in the most haunted woods in northern Illinois. The journey features enthralling landscape views covered by timber forests and dense oak. You’ll enjoy the sheer Terror provided by this haunted journey through the late-night hours.


This Halloween event is arranged by the premium drive-through service of Camp Big Timber. There are luxury tents where you can spend your night after the drive. There is also a shorter route in the Terror in the Timber called “horror lite.” If you want to attend this event, you have to get to the campsite for your ticket by 6 pm wearing a bloodied Halloween costume.

  • Night of 1,000 Jack-o’-Lanterns

This Halloween party takes place at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and it’s best referred to as the party of lights. On Halloween night, hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins with colored LED lights inserted in them are spread across the garden. Some pumpkins are as large as 200 pounds.


As a guest, you’ll be dared to walk through these pumpkin patches on a spooky night where numerous artists wear different frightening Halloween costumes. The garden has multiple bars where you can enjoy a seasonal beer, tasty fall bites, spiked cedar, and ale.  

  • Nightmare at Navy Pier: Masquerade Ball

The timeless Aon Grand Ballroom, Nightmare at Navy Pier, is a fabulous ball event featuring scenic views of the charming city skyline and beautiful Lake Michigan. The top live DJs in the US perform in this 80-foot-tall domed ceiling ballroom where guests enjoy drinks and dances in one of the well-stocked full bars in Chicago, IL.


Over 1,400 visitors are accommodated at this luxurious masquerade venue with their bold makeups and creative costumes to participate in the Halloween spook factor. There are restaurants and balconies which are accessed by those holding VIP tickets.  

  • Spooktacular Congregational Teen Halloween Devo

It is an exclusive Halloween event for teens who love spooky and interactive Halloween fellowships and lessons with other fellow teens in Chicago. The event also features prize money of USD 30 and USD 20 for the winners of the haunted games and grand costume contest respectively. 

The Chicago Church of Christ are event organizers, and they aim to give teens an opportunity for Halloween educational, fun, and social activities.

Tips For Enjoying Your Halloween In Chicago

  1. By tradition, children who attend pumpkin festivals and Halloween parties must wear themed costumes. Adults are also encouraged to follow suit and do the same.
  2. Under Illinois Halloween laws, children older than 12 years are prohibited from participating in trick-or-treating. If found, they can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and qualify for punishment.
  3. It is mandatory to wear a mask and observe social distancing at trick or treating events and ballrooms.
  4. Always check for reservations early if you want to attend an event because they tend to fill up during Halloween in Chicago quickly.  

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