The top 10 things to consider when hiring a caterer in Addison, IL

The top 10 Things to Consider when Hiring a Caterer in Addison, IL

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Have you ever been to a hotel where you received quality service with exclusively tasty food that caught your attention? You couldn’t help yourself from asking for second servings, and you were glad that everyone enjoyed the meal as much as you did. The salt was just right, nothing was over or undercooked, and the personnel was friendly and efficient in service. Eating quality food that registers lasting experience does not happen by accident. Highly experienced event coordinators work with committed service staff to combine catering efforts to prepare food for you.

At Corkys Catering, we are in business to meet your expectations and ensure your requests are delivered.

What is a major consideration for a caterer?

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Personal needs are a major factor to consider when hiring a caterer. It affects every other dimension of event planning. The catering firm should be able to cater to all your needs. No single event will be identical to the other, and these customized needs either mark the occasion as a success or a failure depending on how well the caterer handled them.

So what should you consider when choosing caterers? We provide you with ten things that qualify a caterer in Addison IL.

The top 10 things to consider when hiring a caterer in Addison, IL

To hire the right caterer, do not overlook critical matters. At Corky’s Catering, we help you get that caterer you are seeking. It will save you time, moving from company to company looking for caterers.

What are your special needs for the event? Consider this when hiring a caterer. Do a guest count of the number of guests you expect for the event. Many guests will demand caterers who have experience with large numbers of guests. The needs for a wedding catering event with 300 guests, for example, will be different from a small corporate event that only requires 20 guests. Do a guest count to know how many guests you need.

Pay attention to the venue of the event. The caterers should be close to the site of the event. They should also know the site. They can suggest an alternative location if your choice does not suit your guests. Event coordinators and event service staff should do this. The caterers should go the extra mile to fulfill the client’s wishes. Familiarity with the venue and proximity is particularly important since emergency supplies may be needed or last-minute changes may require additional supplies.

Consider how flexible you want the caterer to be. This is critical in event planning. Home parties, for example, will require extra working hours. A corporate party has a strict number of guests and timing.

Check customer reviews for the event caterer. Feedback from satisfied and disappointed clients will give you a rough idea of how to expect the event caterer to perform.

Check your budget for the event. Is it cost-effective? Will you afford the cost of catering? If yes, consider working with the catering company. Otherwise, adjust your budget. Ask about hidden costs, so that you can approximate the final price.

The catering company should disclose all the cost elements before signing a contract. Ensure that your event caterer is certified for the safety of your guests. An unauthorized event catering team may land you in trouble.

What food preparation methods does the catering company use? Do the food preparation methods suit you?

How many catering staff will you need for the event? This information will aid the catering company with event planning. Fully disclose the service you need. A buffet-style dinner, for example, requires less staff because service is centralized. Sit-down dinners do not borrow the buffet-style setup and are likely to require more staff, particularly waiters.

Ensure you taste the caterers’ food to ensure it won’t disappoint your expectations. If the caterer is new to you, avoid blind choices.

Only settle for the best quality. The contract should outline your package and capture all your event needs.

Why choose the services of a catering company

A catering company typically serves both institutions and individuals. Therefore, the flexibility it offers is a plus. Catering services delight guests and offer memorable experiences, particularly since you do not have to do the sweating in the kitchen and cleaning afterward.

A catering company can operate on a customized menu. It also enhances clients’ menu selections from menu items. An entirely new menu can also be done on-demand and for a particular event. A menu can as well consider guests with dietary restrictions of your guests. We ensure your food is prepared as per your menu, served, and delivered to your guests during the event at your disposal.

However, not every catering company will give you a customized menu. Few catering companies have a customized menu. In most cases, a catering company will give a standard menu for you to choose your meal options. Other companies will allow you to select your menu from a range of meals. Few catering companies will make an entirely new menu for you. An ideal catering company will look at your special request and offer what suits your catering request.

Our catering services

Corky’s Catering offers catering services for social events, corporate events, wedding catering, etc. Social catering services that we offer cover a wide range. These include home parties, where our BBQ catering ensures we are certified Chicago’s best party planners. Corky’s offers the best BBQ in the entire Chicagoland area. Corky’s bridal shower catering, communion catering, holiday party catering, and others are among the best in the whole Chicagoland area.

Special events catering is one of Corky’s niches. Special events need more attention, but we have a team that pays attention to detail. These events can be corporate events, social events, picnics, and weddings and

whether you need your class reunions, engagement parties, or wedding arrangements made, we are a call away. Special events mark crucial memories in the lives of those involved and our aim is to ebb those memories in you through good food and attractive scenes.

 Corporate events

A corporate event is usually organized and sponsored for employees, stakeholders, customers, a charity event, or the public. Corporate events serve various purposes. Some corporate events are for marketing—some for employee welfare and training.

Corky’s catering dominates the entire Chicagoland area for organizing the best corporate events. Our corporate event management includes corporate award ceremonies, board meeting catering, Chicago box lunch catering, corporate breakfast catering, corporate business dinner catering, charity event catering, corporate charity events, conference catering, holiday catering, corporate lunch catering, networking event catering, etc.

Contact us and we will make your corporate event a success.

Wedding event management

Corky’s is the home of exclusive weddings, with the best wedding catering services. The wedding catering services include wedding planning, beverage service, food service, wedding reception, photography, musical entertainment, venue selection, floral, helping you select rentals for your wedding day, and ensuring you have a perfect wedding. A wedding rental is anything you hire to use for your wedding. Typically, all weddings hire rentals for use. These include tables, linens, chairs, tents, flatware, flooring, barware, glasses, stages, lighting, etc.

When you choose décor, for example, it is the job of event coordinators to ensure that all that needs to go into it are prepared. In a catered event, we ensure that all wares are available. After the wedding celebration, they are carried away for the next event.

Why Corkys Catering?

Corkys has served many places, including the Chicagoland area, and Addison IL, since 1978. We have catered events and treated customers to exclusive experiences with food during life-changing moments such as weddings, anniversaries, etc. We always work within your budget. We charge affordable prices for our services without compromising on quality. We are transparent, and our price lists are clear with the cost of each service indicated.

Treat your guests, friends, family, and loved ones to good food in events through Corkys. Contact us today or reach out to us to request a quote through our website for more details.

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