How to Throw the Perfect Summer Cocktail Party

Summer in Chicago is an ideal time to throw a cocktail party, when you and your guests can stay cool indoors or enjoy a warm evening outside. It’s a great opportunity to entertain your friends or to socialize with your business associates and get to know their partners.

Plan Your Party

Before sending out invitations for a summer cocktail party, it will be necessary to spend a little time planning the guest list and choosing the best time to host your party. You will also need to plan the catering, so you can organize party drinks and order the type of party food you want to serve your guests. The best time to start making these plans is a at least a month in advance. Invitations should go out two to three weeks ahead of the date.

Catering requirements will depend on the number of party guests expected to come to your party. This will not be the same as the total number of people invited. You should assume that between half and three-quarters of all the people you invite will be able to attend and will bring a partner. Plan your guest list by thinking about the people you most want to come to your summer cocktail party.

A cocktail party can become uncomfortable if there are too many people invited, or when there are too few guests. When you have settled on the right number of guests for the occasion, and suitable for the size of your home, then you can create your guest list and send out invitations.

Organize Your Party Drinks

The perfect summer cocktail party should have the standard item such as soda, water, juices, beer, wine and the basic liquors (vodka, gin, rum, scotch or bourbon). It’s also important to include some non-alcoholic cocktails for those who don’t drink. The final step is to choose some specialty drinks that reflect you. How about white peach sangria or a Texas spiked tea? Feeling adventurous, ask your caterer to come up with something special.  You caterer can take care of everything including serving staff and glassware.

Order Your Party Food

Guests at your cocktail party will not be expecting a big buffet meal, just a good selection of finger food. You can make your selection from a wide range of party food packages. Your party food could include sandwiches, pinwheels or veggie foods. A cheese and cracker tray is always a good cocktail party choice and you might want to add a refreshing fruit tray. A selection of cookies and brownies will please any party guests with a sweet tooth.

Be the Perfect Party Host

A cocktail party on a light summer evening in Chicago is the perfect way to bring people together for a memorable social occasion. Over two to four hours, each of your guests should enjoy a few cocktails, a fine selection of finger food, great company and perhaps some sort of entertainment.

As a cocktail party host you will want to socialize with your guests and you won’t want to spend all evening mixing drinks or serving food. When you leave all that to the caterers, you can focus on being the perfect party host and delivering a great event for you and your guests to enjoy.

If you have additional questions about hosting a cocktail party or are in need of catering ideas, call us in Chicago at 630-396-3030.

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