Quick and Simple Holiday Centerpieces

With the holidays literally around the corner and your list of “To Do’s” still not all crossed off you might overlook the table decor. Don’t fret. This blog contains easy centerpiece solutions to create inviting looks using items you might already have or can easily purchase for practically nothing.

Ornament Centerpieces

Ornaments All Around

The concept of using simple, round ornaments to decorate the dinner table is not a new one. Whether you choose a one color theme or mix it up with a multi-colored look the result is just plain elegant.

Grab any clear vase, bowl or plate and fill with balls. Add small touches such as white or colored candles, colored beads, or maybe a few pine cones. There are no rules and even someone without one creative bone in their body can end up with a masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.

BTW, the dollar store or Goodwill are great places to pick up cheap, clear, bowls, candle holders and vases.


Holiday Candles

Candles. Candles. Candles.

Another tried and true centerpiece solution. Using either different sized candles or all the same, place on a tray or plate, add some fruit, ornaments, ribbon, a cranberry wreath or whatever strikes your fancy and bingo, you have a a centerpiece that gives the table a soft, welcoming feel.

Holiday Candles

Using a cake pedestal, 5-6 different sized off white candles, or the color of your choice, arranged in the middle and baby’s breath you end up with the most elegant yet simplistic look. (Above Left)

You can’t get any easier than this. Fill a bowl with colored beads and ornaments then place odd shaped candles within the bowl. Done! (Above Right)


Gumdrop Tree

Gumdrop Tree

Crafting with food at Christmas is always a fun past time. Make some gumdrop trees to decorate your holiday table. This makes a fun holiday activity for the kids to help you make this scrumptious tree.

The cones can be purchased at any craft store or large retail chain like Walmart or Target. Always buy more Gumdrops than you think you need. For my little tree, I used 2 full bags of small gumdrops. The large tree took approximately 5 bags of giant gumdrops! Use the more sturdy toothpicks, the ones with a point on each end.  These are often called party picks.

Gumdrop Tree 2

The easiest way to get your gumdrops to stick on the tree is to break the toothpicks in half. Starting at the bottom, put the broken end of the toothpick into the foam and stick your choice of gumdrop on.

Repeat that same process all the way around the tree until you’ve covered the tree as much as possible. If you want a similar look to my trees, try to keep the colors as random as you can.

When attaching the candy to the tree form (Styrofoam cone), always start at the wider end of the cone and work your way around and up the cone.


No matter what you end up placing on top of your dining table remember, it’s more about who is around the dining table.

From all of us at Corky’s Catering have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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