The Perfect Pool Party

Make a splash with these tips for a perfect pool party.


The Food

When it comes to poolside catering, summertime favorites like hot dogs and cheese burgers, along with fresh salads and finger size apps are always crowd-pleasing bites.

Another winning menu option is a pig roast. It’s a perfect theme and there is always plenty of food to go around. Corky’s Pig Roast is a whole roast pig with our signature BBQ sauce plus two other entrees and three sides dishes. Fresh buns, flour tortillas, corn bread, whipped butter, pickles, and chips are also included.


For decor during pool parties, less is more. The pool itself will always be the main attraction, whether guests dive in or not. Hit a party store and get a bunch of inexpensive beach balls, foam noodles, water guns and inflatable creatures to put around the property. Pick fun colors that match your colors or add to your party space.

Looking to light up your party for an evening affair? String lights are a great addition and offer softer lighting. Glow sticks bring color to the pool and add fun to the nighttime swimming.


Fun for All

Here is a new take on water balloons, try sponge bombs and the game bucket toss (click here to learn how to make and play). This environmentally safer solution to water balloons will keep any child or adult entertained for hours and all you need are sponges, hair ties and a few big buckets of water.


Uninvited Guests (Mosquitoes)

Keep those nasty bug guests away by hitting the entire party area with insect spray or a repellant bomb about an hour before guests arrive. In the evening keep the bugs at bay and add to the décor by lighting citronella candles and Tiki torches. Another trick is clearing your property of standing water the week before. Lastly, don’t forget the bug spray as a last line of defense.


Safety First

A first aid kit should be standard for any kind of party. The American Red Cross has a great site with practical advice on pool parties. You can visit them here Have plenty of bottled water around to keep everyone hydrated, have lots of waterproof sunscreen on hand and it’s always good to have a fire extinguisher just in case.


Capture the Fun

Dropping your new iphone in the water as you capture some fun memories is never good. Try the Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Single Use Camera or the Kodak Sport Disposable Camera 27, both waterproof and are simple to use. If buying a camera separate for the occasion is too much, make sure you have a waterproof cover for your phone.

Another great party idea is buy a bunch of regular disposable cameras and leave them all around the party for your guests to take pictures.


What? No Pool?

No big deal! Have a party anyways. Pick up a kiddie pool, watch the kids have fun, and enjoy some good food and great company.

We’re ready to help when you’re ready to dive in!

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