Office Holiday Party Planning Tips

Holiday Party Tips

A Few Ideas to Make Your Office Holiday Party A Success 

The holiday season is here. It’s not uncommon to find most catering companies in Chicago are booked daily for corporate holiday events, house parties or weddings. Most businesses plan an office holiday party to show appreciation and to give all who attend the chance to socialize, unwind and celebrate the year’s accomplishments. If you’re reading this, you’ve been given the task to plan your company’s 2016 Holiday Party and are wondering where the funds will come from to satisfy the venue, food, entertainment and everything else. Don’t worry, that’s where this list of office holiday party shortcuts can help.

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Who To Invite

Are you inviting everyone employed at the company? Is this particular party for certain departments or offices? Are spouses and kids invited? Overlooking the initial guest count can be disastrous to your needs. It’s simple to avoid catastrophe. One of your initial tasks should be to decide who will be invited and how many guests he or she is allowed to bring. Having planned for the answers to these particular questions will keep your budget in line as it relates to space size and food quantities needed.

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What Type of Party Do You Want To Have?

Will there be gifts? Are speakers planned? Are you sponsoring an open bar? Do you need appetizers, entrées, desserts and decorations, hotel rooms and entertainment? Or, are you going to simplify this event and look to cut costs by finding ways to eliminate some of these items? As the dedicated planner for this year’s holiday event, you need to find a way to include the entire staff, but also to balance a superb event with fiscal responsibility.

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A corporate holiday party should really be a sincere gesture of appreciation for the staff and co­workers who spend so much time working together. This is a special time of the year to come together for reflection, camaraderie and to celebrate the fruits of the labor and everyone’s efforts. The bottom line is to make your holiday event mean something special to everyone.

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Setting The Date?

Consider the day of week and time of day when you want to have your party. Some businesses operate three shifts and need to figure out a way to include everyone. Or maybe the holiday season is the busiest time of the year and scheduling a party is better after the New Year. Consider a lunch or early evening event. Planning menus for these times may be more cost effective and may eliminate or at least minimize the cost of whether alcoholic beverages would be offered at the event. Check your calendar, double check your staff’s work schedules, coordinate with your managers and plan your party when everyone can attend.

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The List of Places in Chicago to hold your party is endless. You need convenience, a room to fit your guest list and an overall budget­ friendly venue. Don’t just call one or two places. The cost difference between a downtown location and an outlying suburb location is worth researching. Consider where you are located in proximity to the ideal hot spot. If you’re having your event immediately after work, keep in mind the time it takes for most to drive from the office to your venue site. If it’s after hours or even on the weekend, it may be a good idea to learn where many of your employees live throughout Chicagoland so you can plan a location that is not only ideal for those coming to the party but also to get home once the party is finished. CHECK OUT OUR APPROVED VENUE LIST.

Holiday Corporate 2016 Menu

Not Sure How To Get Started?

Corky’s Catering can help you plan the perfect corporate holiday event. We’ve put together a wonderful Holiday Menu and are experts at catering the most elegant events to casual holiday parties. Need gluten-free or vegan options? No problem! We can accommodate most dietary restrictions upon request. Contact our catering coordinators today, and remember, we have bar service, rentals and more so you can be a guest at your holiday event this year!

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