Plan for Perfect Corporate Picnic Menu in Chicago, Illinois

Knowing the right kinds of food and drink to bring with you on your corporate picnic can be a big challenge. Not only do you need to consider any dietary restrictions in the group, but you also need to consider the general allure of the foods and beverages being served. 

With all of this to keep in mind, you have a lot on your plate (pun intended!). Don’t worry, though, because you’re in luck! Although there is no ideal corporate menu, there is, indeed, a perfect approach to creating a corporate menu that will impress your specific guests! 

In this simple guide, we go over exactly how to plan a perfect corporate picnic using the right resources and some important rules of thumb. 

If you are looking for help with your corporate picnic menu in your company picnic or corporate events, reach out to us today. 

We understand that a perfect corporate picnic menu plan in Chicago, Illinois, is essential to a great event.

These corporate picnics can be seen as a form of team building in Chicago, and effective picnic planning can certainly be stressful. That is why we are here to help with your company picnics and picnic planning.

We are pleased to help out with your company picnic in any way possible. Our company caters to corporate events in Chicago.

We prioritize safety and cater to gatherings that range from 10 -500 guests. We can deliver individually packaged meals for your guests in Chicago and can guarantee that our meals are hot and ready to serve with no hassle to you. 

Lastly, you might wonder, do you have hearty portions for company picnics? Our answer is a resounding YES!

Here is what you need to know about proficient team building through fantastic company picnics.


Know The Guest Profile

At its core, planning the perfect corporate picnic menu is all about knowing your guest profile like second nature. 

As with any corporate event, the success of the gathering comes down to how well the event caters to the general social needs of the guests who attend. 

This process is no different than planning a successful birthday party for a little kid. For a child to be happy, you know that the birthday party would have to be based on the child’s general interests.

If they like dinosaurs, you can bet that the party balloons, birthday cake, and birthday hats will have dinosaurs on them. Use this simple example to help you plan for your next corporate picnic. 

If you know that your guests enjoy golf or attend a country club together, use this information to create a picnic menu that incorporates elements of these places.

You could serve similar foods to those offered at the country club, and if you know that certain members drink a particular cocktail on the golf course, include these drinks on the menu. Use what you know to create the perfect menu. 

If you are looking for a full-service catering company for your company picnic, choose the perfect partner with Corky’s Catering. It may seem like it can be very complex, but it all requires a bit of communication. 

Find out what the various teams at the company would like at the picnic, and make sure to make your food and catering requests appropriately.


Use Your Resources

In addition to using what you know about the guests to plan the foods and beverages, you plan to serve, reach out to catering services or party planners to gather additional catering menu ideas. 

If you want your corporate picnic event to look similar to a wedding catering that you’re familiar with, then do a quick search for ‘wedding catering near me’ to learn how to plan a perfect corporate menu from this standpoint.

You can even look on sites like Pinterest to gain ideas for your general menu. Perhaps someone within your company already has a close connection to a catering company. This is another approach to gathering the resources you need to create the perfect corporate picnic menu. 

This is a creative way to gain inspiration, draw ideas and choose the perfect event options for your company picnic. If you want to make it a fantastic event, pick the perfect partner with Corky’s Catering team in Chicago.


Food and Beverage Basics

You can create an elegant and thoughtful corporate picnic event by looking at the natural foods in season. Suppose you are hosting a Fall picnic event in New York, as an example. 

In this case, you might incorporate apples into your menu since this is an abundant and widespread seasonal produce to include during Autumn. You can take things a step further and look at the popular regional foods in the area. 

If there is a popular chain or restaurant that people love, reach out to them to cater your event. You want to please your guests’ appetites by offering them the foods and beverages they know and love. 


When In Doubt, Keep Things Simple

If you don’t know where to begin, you can’t go wrong with the primary three-course approach. Go with an appetizer, entrée, side, and dessert. Include vegetarian options for those with dietary preferences and restrictions.

You can include sparkling water and seltzer for hot days and serve coffee and tea for colder days. Keep the food and vegetarian items simple for your sanity’s sake and keep things looking as elegant as possible. 

Too many foods and beverage options may seem overwhelming to some people. For a bit more variety, include foods you can use with toothpicks. Some go-to foods are cocktail meatballs, cheese cubes, kababs, etc. 


Partner With Corky’s Catering

There is no formulaic approach to creating the perfect corporate picnic menu. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. If you want to create a menu to impress, know your guests and use your resources wisely! Reach out to an experienced and proven partner in Corky’s Catering in your local community to get started!  

We are pleased to have served and provided assistance for many different company events in Chicago in the past. Our team looks forward to providing delicious food at picnics in the present and the future! Whether you are planning an outdoor event or seek to have one at a more cozy location, we are pleased to help.

Since 1978, Corky’s Catering has offered the best quality catering services for outdoor events, parties, weddings, special events, and holidays at affordable prices to the entire Chicagoland area. We have catered to every kind of event, including corporate events, weddings, home parties, birthdays, and picnics.

With over 40 years of experience in event planning, we can turn any catered event into a priceless memory. We take pride in delighting your guests with top-quality food and catering services while still meeting your budget. 

Corky’s Catering provides clients with outstanding quality, great pricing, and superior customer service.

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