How to Pack a Picnic Basket in Chicagoland Area

The weather is perfect for a picnic, and you have plans to meet your friends at your favorite local park. Spending the day with friends is superb by itself, but it can be even better when your picnic basket is packed to perfection. Here we discuss the essentials to include in your picnic basket to pack like a pro for your next picnic event.

You want to know how to pack a picnic basket like a professional because you want to make sure that the day is as perfect as possible. You don’t want to add stress for no reason in any part of your day. The critical point is that as many people go for a picnic, they look to rest, relax and de-stress. If the picnic day is stressful in and of itself, it doesn’t help you meet your needs.

Thankfully, with our simple picnic guide, you can be sure that you are prepared to have a great time with your friends, family, or acquaintances. Here is what you must know about your picnic basket and how to ensure that you have a perfect picnic.

Remember that everything at your picnic is not in your control, but you can make sure to do your part to have the perfect picnic. If you need help making sure that the glasses, plates, and storage are all taken care of for your picnic event, reach out to Corky’s Catering today. We would be pleased to help with dishes, food, storage, chilled drinks, and other items to simplify your life!


Must-Have Picnic Basics

To begin prepping for your picnic, you need to consider the elements that make up a pleasant picnic. You’ll need a blanket, a basket that can hold everything from silverware to the food you’ll eat, and of course, a few sophisticated elements to showcase the chic, professional features you’re looking to include.

Let’s take a step back here and dive into a couple more of these items. Here, we can think about what to prepare for when going for a picnic.

A picnic consists of people, food, and the necessary items that make it pleasant. The first step is to figure out what everyone is going to bring to the picnic. Then you could go ahead and find recipes and use the recipes to make the most delicious food that you can for the picnic.

What else would you want to account for when thinking about this wonderful picnic event?

You will want to make sure that you account for how you will carry your food and items; that’s your picnic basket.

Then you want to have items to distribute and eat your food, this will consist of serving spoons, and other utensils. You want to have forks, spoons, simple, lightweight knives.

How about a bottle of water? How about a bottle of wine and other similar drinks? A bottle opener would also be useful. Of course, you will also want to have a roll of paper towels to stay clean during your picnic.

Then you want to make sure that you have containers for food items that may be oily, saucy, or watery in some form or fashion. Who knows what you may be cooking and transporting? You may have Pho or some saucy Lasagna or some other delicious but another food item as part of your outdoor meal.

For your picnic blanket, go with a hypoallergenic fabric that is resistant to ground debris. Look out for a sturdy, durable cutting board, a corkscrew and cap opener, serving cutlery, and cloth napkins. This item, the picnic blanket, is certainly useful when you participate in this outdoor event.

Assuming that you bring cheese, make sure your cutting board is sturdy enough for slicing. Now, when you’re done using your board to slice things, it can double as a tray for any shared food or charcuterie. That’s fantastic, right?

On that note, it would be great to bring cheese to your outdoor event because it would pay homage to the classic picnic scene. The cheese paired with the wine will certainly do well at your picnic event. While you are at it, you may also add some chicken sandwiches for this outdoor event.

We may also suggest packing a cooler for this outdoor event.


Aesthetics and Picnic Appeal

For the basket, you can’t go wrong with authentic wicker and cloth. If you’re planning for more extravagant events, consider the aesthetics you’re incorporating as they pertain to the events.

For instance, if you know that your wedding catering or corporate catering is formal, utilize the party planners, catering services, and catering menu ideas in ways that serve this aesthetic. Create unity among these different aspects to bring balance to the event.

You can also search for ‘wedding catering near me’ to look for inspiration on what to incorporate in your picnic.  


Food and Drink Preservation


Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to move on to the tools you’ll need to keep your food and drinks fresh. For one thing, you’ll want to wrap your wine bottle in a blanket to keep the wine insulated and excellent for drinking. 

As for any other drinks you bring, consider packing your liquids in portable, frozen water bottles. You’ll be able to keep your drinks colder for longer.

When selecting your corkscrew and cap opener, look for two-in-one options to keep your packing light and efficient. Keep a portable first-aid kit with you in case of any unexpected emergencies. 

As with your two-fold corkscrew, find a small folding knife to function as needed throughout your picnic. Cut your cake, cheese, and any shared items as required using this handy tool. 


Elegant Napkin Choices

As for your napkins, choose environmentally friendly options such as cloth or bamboo. These napkins fold up without taking up extra space and are washable for ongoing use. 

For packing your food, go with food-safe containers such as rigid containers, as these options are better equipped to protect delicate foods like chopped fruit and sandwiches. 

Since you’re carrying all of this in your basket, avoid glass containers as these will weigh your basket down and risk damage if dropped accidentally. 


Uniform and Practical Cutlery Choices

Your serving spoons should be shatter-resistant and match the color and material scheme of the rest of the cutlery items you bring with you. 

Matching your forks, spoons, and knives will add a sophisticated edge to your picnic and will show your guests the immense thought and care that you’ve put into your picnic planning. If you have finger foods like mini meatballs or finger sandwiches, add some cocktail forks for added elegance. 


Must-Have Cleanup Materials

Last but certainly not least, remember to bring a couple of trash bags with you to clean up after your picnic is over. Trash bags are frequently overlooked when planning for a picnic. 

You can use one bag to pack the containers and the other to hold onto any utensils and dishes you plan to wash at home. You can also consider bringing a brown paper bag with you to store any compostable materials like fruit pits until you can get transported to the right places later. 

Bring some wet wipes with you for washing of hands or to clean up any messes you come across. 


Reach Out Corky’s Catering For Your Picnic Needs

Remember to pack the picnic essentials mentioned here so that you can add as much panache as possible to your next event! If you are looking for help with your meal and your overall picnic event, reach out to Corky’s Catering.

Catering in Chicago has never been as easy or delicious. Since 1978, Corky’s Catering has offered quality catering services at affordable prices to the entire Chicagoland area.

We are proud to have served at various events ranging from picnics to other corporate events and birthday parties and are pleased to help you make sure that your picnic goes perfectly! 

Call us today to help with your essential picnic meal needs! From wedding catering to birthday parties and more, we are pleased to work with you on your next event.

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