Great Class Reunion and Party Ideas

A class reunion is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends you may not have seen for years. If you’re in charge of organizing the reunion in the Chicagoland area, then you will want everything to be perfect and the party to go smoothly. Choosing the right catering is a big part of this and there are a number of options that you can choose from.

Sit Down Meal

A sit down meal is a good choice if you have planned a more formal reunion party. This style of event may require a bit more planning and logistics, but when done properly will make the party very memorable. You will need to decide a venue, menus, drinks, music, linens, rentals, lighting and more. It may sound daunting, but with the right planning and reputable vendors, they can make the planning a breeze. This style of event tends to be the most expensive option but most rewarding for your guests.

Passed Appetizers

Passed appetizers come in many different styles, from delicate pieces of food art to down home favorites. Matching your guests preferences to the style is essential for setting a good mood. Try a themed menu with Mexican, French or Japanese. Pick a city theme such as Chicago, New York or San Francisco. Can’t make up your mind? Take the best from all of them! Logistics are generally very simple once you know your venue and guest count. Add some music and drinks and let the fun begin. This style of event is mid priced and adds a special flair most guests never expect.

Finger Food Buffet

A finger food buffet is more suited to an informal style of party where people are more likely to be mingling together than remaining sitting. Venues for this sort of party are everywhere in the Chicago marketplace from you local park district buildings to some of the finest venues in Chicago. Finger foods are small bites such as mini burgers, mini hot dogs, wings, tacos, chicken satay, veggie and fruit trays, and bruschetta. Generally you want to choose items that are 2-3 bites as a rule. Add a nice bar package and a good band or DJ and the night is set. This style of service tends to be affordable and easy to manage.

There is much more to planning a class reunion party than the catering, but once you have it in place, the rest of the party can be planned. When the catering arrangements have been made, it is easier to put the rest of the plans into place such as when the DJ or band should start and when any drinks are going to be offered. The party is more likely to be a success if it has been carefully planned and each individual element of the party is considered carefully.

As always, consider Corky’s Catering for your class reunion catering needs. Call us at 630-396-3030 to start planning today!

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