Tips for Planning Corporate Catering Events in Chicago

How to Meet Your Business Meeting Budget Needs & Expectations

You aim to impress your clients when you invite them to a business meeting or other type of corporate event at your company. Do you ever notice your guests sometimes paying more attention to the food that’s in front of them rather than the person speaking? If you answered yes to this question, than you know the food is great and you’ve found your ideal catering partner. Here at Corky’s, we see many a food gaze at the thousands of corporate events we cater around Chicago each year. Let us show you a few tips on how you can set the stage for your next corporate meeting, meet your budget and keep your guests satisfied.

Setting the Stage

You have to stick to a budget when it comes to catering. Everyone does, that’s no secret. The key is to make the most out of every dollar.

Options, options, options

In Chicago, there are many options when it comes to catering your business meetings. The process of choosing the right caterer can be daunting. However, if you can find one corporate catering company that will meet all of your needs and give you every option that you need for any event, you will always have a reliable source to go to for any event.

Know your audience

Who is attending the business meeting that you are attempting to provide an excellent catering experience for? If you overdo the food & refreshments, the impression that you make won’t be a good one. You could come off as someone who is trying too hard or you could intimidate your client. Don’t spend excess funds on a spread that won’t be appreciated.

Stick to the plan

Choose your corporate catering options wisely. The budget that you have shouldn’t be a loose outline. Don’t use half of your entire year’s catering budget for one event when you’re not even sure that it will be worth it. Be creative and be flexible with the way that you cater your business meetings. The company that you decide on should offer options that allow for this.

Ensure flawless execution

The company that you choose to cater your business meeting or other corporate event should be able to deliver everything that you need with impeccable presentation. You can have delicious food and a wonderful service for your clients, but if it looks unappetizing or messy, you’ve wasted your money.

Choose the Best

You need someone reliable, a corporate event catering company that will ensure that every event you plan is the best that it can be. Corky’s Catering has everything that you need from large scale events to simple company picnics. Holiday parties and internal social events are also great for maintaining employee morale and better working environments. Don’t forget your support system and they won’t forget you.

Work with a Preferred Caterer

1. When you choose one catering company for all of your needs, you never have to worry about where you’ll go for your next event.

2. A catering company that knows you well as a customer can more easily discern what you need for each event. They remember you, respect your repeat business, and know best how to help.

3. Even when your business meeting is small, an ideal catering partner can accommodate your needs and help you stick to your catering budget. You win every time with a strong catering partner you can trust.

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