How to Throw the Ultimate Casino Themed Party

Having a casino theme for your party or corporate event has long been a popular choice. It offers a chance to bring the thrills and excitement of Vegas to Chicago.  For a small amount of money, you can entertain a large number of guests over an extended period of time.  These events can become one of most memorable parties your guests will ever attend.

There is a new trend in this type of party that is rapidly growing in popularity. LED lights and LED Lighted Tables are being used to help bring some visual flare to the experience which helps to recreate the look of a real casino.

These tables can be used for a variety of games including roulette, craps, blackjack and poker. Most companies that supply these tables for hire will offer you a choice of colors for the lights, which means that you will be able to coordinate the tables with the rest of the color scheme that you have chosen. The tables will be most effective if they are used in a dimly lit environment, so you may want to consider keeping the lighting low. If the event is being held in the summer and during the evening, then holding the event outdoors may be an option. Check out Casino Party Planners for the highest quality casino equipment around Chicago and the only casino company to hold an A+ rating with the BBB.

Take Your Event to the Next Level

The use of these tables can set your event apart from similar occasions that your guests may have attended in the past and make it into an event that they are unlikely to forget. They certainly offer a unique experience and can make your guests feel as though they are actually in a Vegas casino. These types of tables are usually very well constructed and offer a finish that would consistent with what you would find on the Las Vegas strip.

Choosing the right catering options for your casino themed party will also need some consideration. It is likely that people are going to be mingling so it may be a good idea to have finger foods that waiters can pass around the room to serve guests. Beverage waiters are also a nice touch, so those guests playing the tables can keep their drinks full and stay on their roll without loosing a beat. Las Vegas casino owners figured out a long time ago that buffets were a key ingredient to keeping gamblers in the casino. Another option is having buffet style service, guests can eat as they want and still get that authentic Vegas feel.  If your looking to really impress your guests try food stations to create more flair at your casino party. How about a sushi station with chefs making rolls and pieces to order or a French themed station with French onion soup shooters, mini croque monsieur sandwiches, fresh creeps, espresso service and mini crime brûlées. The classic seafood station is also a great choice with peel and eat shrimp, crab claws, oysters,  clams, ,lobster and more. The options are endless so make sure you find a great catering partner that has proven success doing this style of service.

Let Us Cater Your Next Casino Event in Chicago

Hosting a casino themed event can be a lot of hard work as a lot of planning is needed. The tables for any games are going to need to be hired, along with the dealers. The catering is another important aspect of the event that you will want to get right as this can make or break how successful the event is. If you have a catering company in mind that you want to use for this event then it may be worth asking them if they have any companies that can supply the equipment needed for a casino themed party that they have worked with before. Corky’s Catering makes use of an established relationship of this type and can help ensure the success of your event as the two companies will be able to work together in order to help you plan an event that will go off without a hitch.

If you’re ready to plan simple, yet elegant fully catered casino themed party in Chicago with very little effort, call us today at 630-396-3030 to find out how to get started and what catering menu options are best for your event!

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