How to Plan A Monday Morning Meeting in Chicago

You have scheduled a meeting first thing on Monday morning. You know this may not be popular with the attendees being how difficult the commute into Chicago can be during Monday’s rush hour. You, on the other hand, also know that if you do something like have breakfast brought in, it will go a long way in soothing ruffled feathers.

But, Bagels and cream cheese just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need something new! How about a catered breakfast before the meeting with all the trimmings, with omelets made to order and waffles with fruit toppings and whipped cream. Now that’s something to make your staff eager to come to a corporate business meeting on a Monday morning.

Look at a Typical Catered Menu

For a morning startup nowadays, you have to have a breakfast menu that fits your diverse work group. Maybe you are in charge of planning a menu for a large law office and everyone has different tastes, or maybe you are an office manager for a construction company and there’s an important quarterly breakfast right around the corner where you have others driving or flying in from elsewhere in Illinois or around the United States.

You shouldn’t spend too much time worrying over the details, as today’s caterers are well versed in the likes and what tastes good from a variety of places. The diverse mix of its workforce is what makes Chicago a major player in the world of business today and you should do your best to recognize that.

Corky’s Catering in Chicago is up to the challenge. If you’re looking for a unique option, call us and we can create an amazing custom menu based on your feedback. Want to try an ethnic breakfast from Japan or Spain instead of bacon and eggs. We can work with you to make sure the food fits your style.

If your not in the mood to take a chance on the breakfast your providing, you can always stick with the favorites like hash browns, bacon, parfaits, fresh sliced fruit, breakfast pastries, scrambled eggs or omelets, waffles, pancakes and more.

Wouldn’t This Blow the Budget for the Year?

Not in the least. Nowadays, with modern food technologies this type of catering is stock and trade with reasonable prices and discounts for steady clients. Let’s face it, new meetings styles are part of the current business paradigm for success in the 21st century and catering has now become an integral part that makes or breaks the success of your team’s focus and cohesiveness, vital at these kinds of meetings.

Food is the great equalizer and team builder. The ancient Romans knew this, when they had their feasts and games to help get their people in the mood to go alone with the Emperor’s will.

Now with a simple phone call and answering some basic questions about the type of meeting, people, profile and time, you can have a feast laid out that would shame a Caesar and make him envious. Corky’s handles all the work from preparation, on-site serving and final cleanup. You will not even be aware of their presence as each member of the catering team is highly trained to be unobtrusive and efficient at setting up, cooking and breaking down the various setups required for your breakfast event.

Catering for breakfast meetings in Chicago is not just stale bagels, lukewarm coffee and cold cereal. It can be the final step to a highly successful meeting that fires up your staff and lets them hit the ground running.

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