10 Tips for a Memorable Backyard Wedding and Reception

Happy memories of a backyard wedding and reception in Chicago can only be created through careful planning and good organization. The following tips should ensure that the happy couple and their wedding guests have some memorable moments in the backyard on the big day.

1. Be Practical

First you need to establish the number of wedding guests who can comfortably gather in the amount of space available in the backyard, and for use of indoor facilities. Next make a list of everything that needs to be ordered for the comfort and well-being of the happy couple and their wedding guests.

2. Provide Some Shelter

It will be necessary to hire a large tent where wedding guests can comfortably gather in any weather conditions. Even on the sunniest day, some guests will need shade and shelter. Tents have come a long way, you now can put up sidewalls, air conditioning, lighting and more.

3. Find a Focal Point

The best backyard features should be part of the wedding plan. Arrange for wedding photos to be taken beside the best flowerbeds, near a pond, by an old tree or under a new gazebo. Plan to hold the ceremony where guests can best enjoy the view, the garden features or the sunlight reflected on water. 

4. Choose a Wedding Theme

A wedding theme can be based around a favorite activity or on the time of year. It could involve a color scheme, a type of music or a fantasy. Invitations to a backyard wedding and reception should indicate if there is going to be a theme or any special dress requirements.

5. Organize Floral Decorations

Floral decorations and flower arrangements can also be based around a theme, such as a country style, Victorian-style or a modern styled wedding. Make sure to take advantage of the summer flowers, talk with your florist about what is in season rather than your dream flower. It will save you money and we always find it brings out the creative side in florists.

6. Select a Wedding Menu

After the ceremony, and when photos have been taken of the happy couple in their beautiful backyard setting, the next most important part of the day is the enjoyment of some great food. Catering service staff can serve full meals to wedding guests seated at tables in the backyard, or guests can be offered a selection of stationed buffets. A great idea for an outdoor wedding is to arrange for a BBQ station, so guests can enjoy a superb selection of on-site grilled foods.

7. Arrange Bar Facilities

A beverage service will provide celebratory champagne, and everything needed to provide wedding guests with a choice of wines, freshly made tea and coffee, chilled bottles of water, cool cocktails, specialty drinks and a selection of beers.

8. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Even if the wedding takes place in daylight hours, the reception may carry on into the hours of darkness. Lanterns, fairy lights and candles create a romantic atmosphere for an evening reception. You can also hire mood lighting for inside the tent or wherever drinks and party food will be served.

9. Keep it Safe and Simple

A backyard wedding should be memorable for the right reasons, so keep it simple and plan wedding activities around things which can safely take place in the backyard.

10. Make it Memorable

Any backyard wedding in Chicago will be much more memorable when all the details have been carefully planned in advance. Then the ceremony, the catering and the entertainment will be exactly what the happy couple wants for their wedding day. The comfort and enjoyment of the wedding guests will be memorable too. If you need catering experts to help you plan a backyard wedding and reception, call us at Corky’s Catering, 630-396-3030.

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