Bridal showers date back to the 16th century and have never lost their appeal. It’s the farewell party of the bride-to-be from singlehood and is often marked by fun and memorable activities with her close friends. Gifts, love, tears, and cheers are critical features of this emotional pre-wedding occasion.

If you’re the bride-to-be, or a friend, sister, or mother of the bride-to-be, and planning on hosting a bridal shower, you could use a little inspiration to spice up the party. This is especially true when you want to derail from the norms – opening gifts, serving food and drinks, playing games, and having hearty laughs.

Ready to make that bridal shower party unforgettable? Feel free to pick any of these ideas below and recreate them.

1. Take the Party to the Beach Front

Beach Party

While most bridal shower parties happen in hotels, restaurants, local restaurants, or at home, the beach is a fantastic hot spot for this special event. Having this party on the beach will make it more memorable since the ambiance will be different. It’s serene, breezy, and natural and commands happier vibes than restaurants or hotels. And, of course, the dress code here will be different. Since it’s an all-girls affair on the beach, swimsuits, beach shorts, and skimpy tops are cool.

For the food, leave that to a catering service or party planner while you all focus on other aspects of the event. From snacks and wine to salads and smoothies, event planners will know the right foods to have on the menu. After all, you’re recreating a bridal shower.

For games, building sandcastles and using the sand to make inscriptions that the water will sweep away is simply lovely.

If you have a sizable budget, you can take the party to a private yacht or boat and cruise away into the ocean. What could be more memorable?

2. Have a Wine Tasting Party

Your guests will remember your bridal shower party as the day they tasted some of the most exotic wines of their lives. That’s good for history, and a memory one can always relish. So, make it happen. Hire a wine expert or sommelier to do the setup and suggest the best meals for pairing.

The sommelier will typically curate the best wines in history and line them up in their assortment for tasting. Usually, your budget will dictate the quality of wines that will be present.

Regardless, it’s always the variety that’s the highlight of the party. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to bring their favorite wines if you have a stiff budget.

For dress code, casual is the word, and you are free to invite guests or make it an exclusive all-girls party.

3. Go on a Road Trip

For brides who love to travel and experience the great outdoors, a bridal shower party on a recreational vehicle (RV) is the real deal. It will be like a regular bridal shower with its features: card props, bride-to-be banners, floral crowns, good food, and more.

The only difference is the venue, which is mobile or calls it a bridal shower in transit. While in transit, the bride can make a special presentation or talk about how she feels about weddings. The crew can travel to the bride’s favorite countryside, alight, and take beautiful pictures. On the way back, they can enjoy delicious food and drinks and maybe spend quality time napping.

For the dress code, the change of venue means bridal robes will be out of the picture. Hence, casual breathable clothing – possibly in uniforms, will be suitable.

4. Organize a Fundraiser


While this may appear to be out of the ordinary, a fundraiser will be more fulfilling if you enjoy giving back. So, build your marriage legacy on giving and see how good it makes you feel. The good news is that you will not be alone in your charitable contributions.

Many people enjoy giving and will gladly jump at the opportunity, especially at such a special event. The party can also serve as an education campaign about the importance of spreading love through giving. Whether your guest is wealthy or not, they can help you raise funds for charity—preferably for your favorite charitable cause.

And who says this will ruin the fun of a bridal shower? No way. You can spice it up with food, drinks, dancing, and games, and then finish it off with a donation.

5. Deliver it to the Kitchen Area

For brides who love to cook, a kitchen bridal shower sounds great. Here, you have many options, which include:

For general food, involve a catering service and redirect your personal attention to other important matters.

Dress code? Make provisions for colorful bridal-themed aprons for everyone to wear on arrival with their outfits.

And for the venue, the kitchen is, by default, the ideal place if it has enough space. Otherwise, take the gas cookers, stoves, and every kitchen appliance to the garden and have the party there.

Need More Help?

Corkyscatering has more brilliant ideas and event planners to spice up our clients’ bridal showers. During the party, we take care of your catering needs and infuse other fantastic ideas to make it memorable.

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If you don’t have time to host a bridal shower and are stuck for ideas, give us a call, and let us handle the rest. We’ll meet all of your requirements and plan the best bridal shower you’ve ever seen. We provide corporate catering, wedding catering, and general catering services to clients, in addition to bridal showers. We can handle everything from social events and wedding receptions to birthdays, holiday parties, anniversary parties, and picnics.

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