Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Meeting or Event in Addison, IL

If you have an event to plan and are already feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ahead, we are here to tell you that there is no need to be. With proper planning, any event can be a great success, no matter how simple or large it might be.

Of course, the details and quantities will differ to suit your needs. From creating and sticking to a budget, deciding on a venue, and inviting attendees, there are a ton of details you should cover to increase the chances of running a stress-free event.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all plan for planning a meeting or event, it would be impossible to point out all the components you need to look for when organizing. However, here are 10 crucial points you need to carefully orchestrate to run your event or meeting in Addison, IL successfully.

1. Determine the Event’s Goals and Objectives

One of the first things you should consider is the primary objective of your event. To do this, you must first ask yourself, what is the main agenda of the meeting or event and what are you trying to achieve from it? It could be that you are launching a new product or building your brand’s awareness.

Make sure your goals are relevant, measurable, and ambitious but practical. After you have established your ‘why’, you need to develop a strategy to support your goals.

2. Teamwork Makes the Event Work

You need to put together a team of people to help make the meeting or event a success. Make sure you work with reliable people to delegate certain tasks such as communication and venue preparation. This will help take a load off you and focus on other aspects of the function that are more deserving of your attention.

However, do not just choose anybody simply because you trust them. Make sure you work with professionals who have the skills and experience to handle their assigned tasks.

3. Consider Outsourcing Some Services

There are various functions that you can outsource to vendors. For example, you can outsource food services by getting catering services vendors such as wedding catering and corporate catering vendors. You could also seek the services of a party planning company which is better placed to make sure your event runs smoothly on account of the skill and experience of its staff.

4. Budget. Budget. Budget.

Another important factor is figuring out how much you want to spend. Everything from the food, venue and staffing will come with a price tag. So, try and come up with a rough estimate of what everything will cost you.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, source as many suppliers quotes as possible. Remember, the key is to stick as close to your budget as possible.

Next, look for as many sources to fund your event as possible. You could use cash from your pocket or get corporate sponsors on board.

Sponsors can provide the financial cushioning you need to make the event happen while also providing you with a large pool of extra resources. Prepare a concrete proposal and reach out to relevant sponsors most likely to align with your objectives.

5. Create an Event Concept

A good way of making the event fun and engaging is to develop an event concept. An event concept comprises various elements such as the theme, event name, venue decor, and dress code.

As you develop the event concept, consider who you target, why you organize the event and the overall event tone. If possible, do some research with potential attendees and find out their interests.

6. Choose a Venue and Date for the Event

The choice of venue can make or break an event. Even though you want a venue that will leave a lasting impression on the attendees, make sure you go with a location that fits your budget and objectives and has enough space to accommodate the expected guests.  For instance, a reception hall can be the perfect place to host wedding after-parties.

There are many other factors that you should consider when picking your venue, including the security of the facility, permits and licenses, equipment needed, amenities that come with the venue, and if it is conveniently located next to social places such as hotels and airports.

A good rule of thumb is to secure a ‘plan b’ venue for your event to avoid running into any last-minute trouble in case of an emergency. To help you find a great spot of venues in Chicago, check out our list of possible event venues from Downtown Chicago to Arlington Heights.

After you find a list of possible event venues, you should set an ideal date for the occasion. The dates you have selected can help you narrow down on the venues you have your eye on. If you want to book your venue at a lower rate, consider having your event during the off-peak season.

7. Develop a Marketing and Communication Strategy

Imagine getting your hands dirty with incredible planning and spending a lot of money in the process to have an empty event.

One of the ways to get many people to attend is to get the word out there with a proper marketing and communication strategy. You might need to utilize many communication strategies like paid and non-paid influencers, email marketing, SEO, local SEO & SEM, and social media marketing.

Use a wide variety of channels to reach your target audience where they were. Ensure your communication is simple, cohesive and that the marketing copy communicates all the fine details about the event.

8. What Is Your Main Attraction?

Your event can benefit from having the main attraction (the pull factor) that will attract people to your meeting or event. This can be anything like having live music, a popular keynote speaker to host the special event or a treat such as freebies for the attendees. Remember, your main attraction can serve as a great selling point that will strongly appeal to the masses.

9. Post-Event Activities

After your event is done, there will still be a little more work to do. This is the point where you can begin establishing the relationships formed during the event. The attendees make up an invaluable network that you can use to your advantage since your event will be at the top of their minds. Here, you can also gather data and insights to gauge your event’s success.

Winding It Up

With a proper vision, team, organization, and budget, organizing your next event does not need to be stressful. But if you do feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to reach out to Corky’s Catering.

Corky’s Catering has been in business for over 40 years, providing exemplary catering service to our clients in the Chicagoland area be they social, weddings, or corporate events. We can provide catering to small gatherings such as a bridal shower or business meetings and special events with thousands of people.

Feel free to contact Corky’s Catering by giving us a call on (630) 526-6418, so we can schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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