The Making of an Italian Beef

The Italian Beef

The Italian Beef is a sandwich that originated in Chicago in the 1930’s. It is composed of thin slices of seasoned roast beef simmered in Au jus (known to locals as ‘gravy’). The beef is roasted with garlic, oregano, dried red chili and Italian spices. Once the meat has cooked to medium rare perfection, it is then cooled off and removed from the gravy.

To serve, the gravy is brought to a boil and the beef is added to warm up. An Italian-style roll is the traditional bread of choice since its invention and is often dipped into the Au jus, then topped off with Chicago-style Giardiniera or sweet peppers.


Corky’s famous Italian Beef recipe was created over 40 years ago and has not changed since. From our perfectly spiced Au jus to our home made sweet peppers, our sandwich stands today as one of Chicago’s best Italian Beef.


In honor of National Italian Beef Day Corky’s is offering 10% OFF any Italian Beef Menu from our Fantastically Low Priced Buffet!

So, on May 27th make sure to celebrate this delicious day with one of Chicago’s Classics.

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