Super Bowl Party Tips

Well, the verdict is in and our Chicago Bears will not be playing in this year’s Super Bowl, but we Chicagoans will be glued to some sort of device because the Super Bowl is an American Tradition. Every year, we make our plans for Super Bowl Sunday, whether it’s watching the game with relatives, streaming it online, or just keeping track of the advertisements.

With this tradition comes the Super Bowl Party. The food, the décor, even the invites must have the Football theme branded throughout. If you are the designated host for this year’s Super Bowl we are offering you some quick tips to keep that tradition alive.


The Food


This is easy. Call us. We have appetizers, buffet spreads, and even the true American Super Bowl traditions like Burgers, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Chips, and Fudge Brownies. All delivered hot and all delivered on time. We also offer full bar service, servers, and full clean up services. Click here to view our entire selection of menu options.


The Drink

There are the standard Super Bowl alcohol staples like a cold Budweiser, but why not keep with the football theme and mix up a cooler full of Artificial Turf. You’ll be sure to score some extra points with your guests when you serve this big game drink with straws made to look like goal posts.

Super Bowl Party Drink Ideas

Artificial Turf


2 Large Jugs of Green Hawaiian Punch
1 Litter Vodka
1 Litter Everclear
Limes for extra presentation


In a punch bowl or a clean cooler combine Vodka, Everclear and Hawaiian Punch. Stir and serve with ice in these cute field cups. (This punch can also be served in a pitcher)


The Goal Post Straw and Cup

Your kids might be great helpers making these goal post straws and the cups and your guests will get a kick out of them. Just make sure you tell your guests that the straws are for looks only.

Goal Post Straws


2 bendable straws
Hole punch



The cups really need no explanation. A sharpie and cups are all you need. For the goal post straws, you will need

Cut two bendable straws and insert one end into the other, forming the uprights and crossbar. Using a hole punch, make a hole halfway, in the center of the crossbar.



The Décor

So, now that you have the food covered you’ll need to get the atmosphere just right. Use our easy templates and directions to set the stage for the big game.

Super Bowl Party Decorations

The Football Field Table

This takes less time then you think and adds such a nice look to place all that great food on.


Materials For The Field:

Green felt (You could also use outdoor carpet which has a look of artificial turf)
White Duct Tape
Peel & Stick Numbers (Walmart, Office Supply Stores, Home Depot, Craft Stores)



Measure and cut green felt for table adding enough to fold underneath and tape.

Once felt is tightly secured on the table, start in the middle place the first (50 yds. line) yard line. As you can see from this picture, it is up to you how many yard lines you include and whether you want to add the per foot shorter lines for each table. After you complete the yard lines add numbers as shown.


Materials For The Pennant Banners:

Hole punch
String, Ribbon, or Rope to attach the pennants to



Utilize one of the shown templates below and print them on white cardstock, cut out the pennants, string together and hang.  You can use one style or multiple to make whatever pattern you like.


Goal Pennant


Goal Pennant


Stringing Pennants Together:

Line your banner pennants in a row so you can see the length of the banner. Then measure twine/string/ribbon (anything will work) and cut to length leaving excess on each side, so you can hang it. Using your hole punch, create holes in each corner of the pennant – we just eyeball it!  (For thinner string, use 1/8″ hole punch, for thicker ribbons, twine use 1/4″ hole punch). Weave twine through holes along the backside, so it is only exposed slightly at the corners.


Football Pennant with Twine




Sandwich Wraps

Tailgate Sandwich Wrap

These Sandwich Wraps are such a nice touch. Just print out the below artwork, cut out, and using a stick glue or any craft glue like Elmers, glue one end to the other forming a loop. Let dry. Slide sandwich into wrap.

Football Wraps


Canister/Silverware Wraps

Using the Football theme, grab soup cans or whatever you have on hand, using Brown construction paper, wrap it around the container and either use the Football Stitching template below or white paint and a brush decorate the wrapped canister with a Football stitching and fill it up with silverware, rolled up napkins, or drinking straws.

Football Utensil Holders

Super Bowl Drink Cooler

Super Bowl Popcorn Bags

You can also use the Football Stitching on lunch bags to hold Popcorn!

Football Stitching


The Games

It is always great to get your guests to join in on the competition and get excited about winning. Try one of these games to add some added fun to the party. Don’t forget to purchase a few prizes like a bottle of wine or six pack of beer…nothing too fancy.


Football Bingo

Superbowl Bingo

Depending on how many guests you are expecting print out enough Bingo Card sets provided below so that everyone playing has a unique card.

Supply every player with markers…….think small candies or pretzels. When someone sees one of their card choices they should yell it out so, everyone else can mark it too and the first one to fill their entire card ….and calls out “bingo!” wins the respect of all their peers. You can also qualify a “Bingo” to the first one to fill up a row across, diagonally or down.

May the odds be in your favor.


Advertising Rating Game

Advertising during the Super Bowl has become a tradition in itself so; why not make a game out of it.

Super Bowl Activities

Super Bowl Activities

Super Bowl Projects

Materials needed:

Xacto Knife And Ruler (Or, Alternatively, Scissors)
Popsicle Sticks
Double Stick Tape, Glue Stick Or Any Craft Glue Like Elmers


<Super Bowl Commercial Rating Signs

Super Bowl Change the Channel


Print and cut out the signs provided below or if you feel adventurous, come up with your own. (You can either cut down the center of each or fold them in half). Each sign will have one number on the front and another on the back. Using your adhesive method of choice attach the popsicle stick to the back of one number sign. Attaching the facing number with adhesive, sandwiching the popsicle stick in between. Voila!

Now all you have to do is sit down and start rating on Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone will know what you think about this year’s big spending ads, and I’d say some of these ratings could probably apply to the football plays too…

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