What To Know When Meeting Your Wedding Florist.

You’ve set the date, chosen the venue, and picked out your gown. The next step is to create your wedding vision. Where do you start? Well, consider starting with your flowers and meeting with a wedding florist. The floral choice can define the color, style and theme of your event. So, let go over what you should know before you set up the floral consultation.

Researching a Wedding Florist

Be Prepared

As a floral artist, I recommend getting prepared prior to meeting with a wedding florist. You may want to start a folder specifically for your floral decoration ideas that you can bring to your initial consultation. Go online and visit various floral websites to familiarize yourself with different floral and foliage types. These will give you names of flowers and specific shades of colors. I recommend sierraflowerfinder.com or aboutflowers.com. Use pinterest, wedding and floral magazines, and sites like brides.com and mywedding.com to provide you with styles, themes and design ideas.  Most important, have a clear and firm idea of what you absolutely DO NOT want.


Do Your Research When Picking A Wedding Florist

To find a good wedding florist look for floral designers in your area. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Try online at sites like weddingwire.com, theknot.com and bridalguide.com where you put in your location and they find designers near you. Read their reviews, check out their website and social media pages. See what type of rating bbb.org gives them. Look for a wedding florist whose style excites you.

Wedding Florist Shop

Once you have done the research set an appointment time with 2-3 floral designers as opposed to a cold call or on-the-spot consultation. You deserve a designer’s full attention and vice versa.

Don’t forget to check with your venue before your floral consultation for all applicable specifications and restrictions. This would include load in, placement and removal of any and all floral.

Reception Table Centerpiece

Have A Budget In Mind

When meeting make your wedding florist aware of any budget considerations at the time of your consultation. Your floral designer is the expert. Let them guide you with the best choices to choose from within your budget. You don’t have to know 100% of your budget, but have a general idea. A range of pricing works best.

Try not to bring more than one other person to your first consultation. Too many people can make your consultation hectic and can cloud your opinions.

Contract with Wedding Florist

Details, Details, Details

When you have decided on a wedding florist expect to pay a deposit to reserve your date. Your deposit is often non-refundable, but will be applied to your order.  Once you both have a plan make sure that your florist writes all of these details in the contract. This will outline all the duties and responsibilities you expect your florist to perform. Often, an additional fee may be incurred if you want your florist to do additional services or delivery so, do diligence and cover all costs up front.

Girl with Basket

And remember, floral designers are full of ideas so, don’t be limited to one type of flower or design. Be open to alternate suggestions from your floral designer. Sometimes, one look can be achieved in a multitude of ways.

Written by Annie Kasak
Annie Occasion for Any Occasion
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