How to Host an Eco-Friendly Event

Hosting an eco-friendly event in Chicago means that every aspect will need to be planned to eliminate waste and restrict pollution. Almost any type of event can be arranged as an eco-friendly event, including weddings, indoor and outdoor parties, corporate events and family celebrations.

The Venue

The first thought should be given to the venue and how people will get there. The venue should be close enough for people to arrive by bus, bike or on foot. Car sharing could be arranged for those who will have to travel farthest.

The Invitations

When sending out printed or handwritten invitations, be sure to use only recycled paper or card. Consider using an online invitation program instead. Invitations should clearly state that it will be an eco-friendly event. A few suggestions should be included, to give people a few ideas of how they can help to reduce waste and be more environmentally aware on the day of the event.

Food and Drink

It makes a lot of sense to reduce transportation miles by using a local catering service. Whether you want to provide a buffet, a sit-down meal or party snacks for guests at your event, you can select menus with seasonal foods and vegetarian dishes. For the sake of the environment, tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, glassware and plates need to be recycled or reused. Any plastic and paper items purchased must be recyclable or made from recycled materials. It would be better to hire everything from the caterers rather than buy items that are going to be used only once.


Natural decorations are suitable for an event taking place indoors or at an outside venue. If you must have balloons, choose some that are made of natural rubber from a sustainable source. Helium should not be used in balloons, because the world’s helium resources are running low. Flowers for table displays, bouquets and decorations should all be local grown and seasonal. Avoid any exotic blooms that have been imported or forced. Those are not eco-friendly. Paper lanterns and candlesticks should be filled with organic candles. Natural candles are made with beeswax, and chemical-free wax candles are scented only with natural essential oils.

Hired Equipment

Any tents, tables, chairs, and other equipment required for the event, should be hired from local Chicago companies to reduce emissions during transportation. Hiring is much better than purchasing items that are going to be used only once.


Arrange eco-friendly entertainment that does not involve a lot of electronic equipment or strong lighting. Rather than booking a DJ or musicians with equipment that needs to be transported a long way, choose an acoustic band or performer from Chicago. Any children attending the event can be kept entertained with simple games that don’t involve anything electrical. They could also enjoy going on an eco-friendly treasure hunt or find some handmade piñatas.

At The End Of The Event

An eco-friendly event in Chicago should end with all empty catering food containers, bottles, cans and paper products being sorted for recycling. Guests can be encouraged to take home any left over food, flowers and decorations that can be reused.

We Can Cater Your Eco-Friendly Event

We can provide catering services only or you can use our full service event coordinators to help you plan your entire event from start to finish. Contact Corky’s Catering in Chicago today by calling 630-396-3030.

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